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Head Teacher's Update

25 June 2015

ON 19th June, HRH The Princess Royal, patron of The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, attended a garden party awards ceremony at the Norton House Hotel to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Grow and Learn Project participants from across Scotland. Amongst those attending was Josh Nisbet, one of our leaving S6 pupils, who was there to receive his Grow and Learn ‘Roots’ certificate.

This is an award that celebrates individual personal achievement and progress through garden related activities as well as setting personal goals. In order to achieve the award, learners undertake a minimum of seven core activities, 13 additional activities, achieve three personal goals and develop a personal portfolio that evidences achievement and progress made! Josh completed ninety two hours of work to achieve his CALEY Grow and Learn ‘Roots’ certificate. He is one of the first participants from a school to complete and receive an award. Josh worked on a wide variety of activities under the watchful eye of Mrs Devonald. These included; making bird and insect homes and feeders, often recycling materials found in the school to do so, preparing the ground, growing fruit, flowers and vegetables and listening to various pieces of music relating to the outdoors. Josh began the course knowing very little about gardening, but soon acquired new skills relating to gardening and the wider world. This has been so much fun that Josh would now like to complete the ‘Nurture’ Grow and Learn award.

The School of Rugby dinner on Friday night was an absolute delight. Thanks to Haddington Rugby Club for making us so welcome. All of the speakers (pupils, coaches, and club members) were great – speaking warmly of each other and encouraging everyone to do better next season. I was very proud to be there.

Talking of coaching, I have to thank the two coaches from City of Edinburgh Trampoline Club who have coached pupils at various events over the last couple of weeks. They have delivered trampoline sessions to two S3 Core PE classes, to two S4 core PE classes with a National class joining in, and to over 60 P7s on their transition visit to Knox. I would like to commend them for so generously giving their time, and I know that all of the pupils involved will have got a lot out of it.

Congratulations should go to the following pupils for passing their music certificates this week: Hannah Trotter - grade 6 flute - 87% - distinction; Isaac Smith - grade 6 saxophone - 89% - distinction; Rebecca Swinton - grade 7 flute - 91%- distinction; Katie Holton - grade 8 clarinet - 94% - distinction.

It was unfortunate that we felt the need to postpone the Sports’ Day this week. The weather forecast was not looking good, and following a bit of a downpour on Monday we decided it was better to be safe rather than sorry. The “new” date is Tuesday 30th June – so let’s hope for a decent forecast and no more rain. The same advice as last week stands regarding clothing, food and sunscreen.

Next week will be jam-packed (as usual) with the highlight of the week being the Awards’ Ceremony (Thursday, 2nd July). Now that we have broadened the number and type of awards, seating is at a premium. I know that some parents have asked for more than their allocated two seats and I apologise if we are not able to accommodate you, but we only have a finite number of chairs.

School finishes for the session on Friday 3rd July at 12.05pm.

All the best.

S Ingham



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