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Head Teacher's Update

29 August 2014

Last Friday afternoon the Dramatists took advantage of the Festival Fringe theatre offerings and went on a field trip.  Ms Whitfield writes, “Oh I do like a jumpy-outy film noir horror for the stage, and that's what we got on a Higher/ Advanced Higher Drama theatre trip at The Pleasance seeing Les Infant Terribles Ernest and The Pale Moon.
Pupils were, as ever, a credit to us and chatted confidently and knowledgably about theatre in the queue, a proud moment indeed. While the more experienced staff managed to retain their composure as the terrifying story unfolded, a cross between a Hitchcock film and a Edgar Allan Poe poem, theatre novice Mr MacKinnon almost lost his lunch on several occasions (although he did say it's amongst the best things he's ever seen).”

On Tuesday S5 and S6 pupils welcomed some of our partners, as they came into assist them with their Employability Skills Training.  Special thanks should go to Max Sykes and Jane Hicks from Canon UK and Ross Prentice of Prentice Coaches here in Haddington for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and help our pupils learn about the world of work.

Throughout the week I have been talking to all the pupils at assembly about my vision for Knox Academy.  They should have all received their “We R Knox” badge for this session (slightly different from last year’s).  I hope that they wear them with pride and that they are reminded that our three, core values are “wisdom, engagement and respect”.  We do try to keep them in mind in all that we do in the school.

Next week looks like being a “busy one” – especially for senior pupils.  S6 are all out on Tuesday morning to experience the “Tomorrow’s Driver” course.  It involves all pupils around driving age in East Lothian, and aims to help them understand their responsibilities as young drivers.  On Wednesday, those members of S6 who wish to are attending the Higher Education Conference in Edinburgh.  The PSP is holding its first meeting of the session that evening at 6.15pm.  All parents are welcome to attend.  To top it all off, on Thursday we are holding our annual UCAS Information Evening for those involved in the process of applying to university this session.  It’s well worth coming along – if only to find out the deadlines and to get some tips on those all-important Personal Statements.

Finally, I have often said that you don’t have to be mad to be part of Knox Academy…but it does help.  Bearing that out is a team of pupils who are taking part in the North Berwick Raft Race again this year.  Still on a high from their trophy success at the last one, they thought they might as well give it another go, get wet and raise money for charity.  I wish them all the best and hope that the water isn’t too cold.

Have a very good week.

S Ingham



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