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Head Teacher's Update

04 April 2014

It has been a week of interviews, music and exercise so far at Knox. 

On Monday I had the pleasure of mock-interviewing some of our senior pupils as part of their Employability Skills work that has been supported by the Communications Faculty.  Pupils came prepared for different interviews and completely blew me away with the maturity of their answers and the way that they generally presented themselves.  I am confident that any employer will be impressed by them.

Tuesday saw us welcome some of our P7s to the “Comicwealth Games”.  This event was run by our Community Sports Leaders pupils and members of the School of Rugby.  The P7s had the chance to try their hands at Dance Mat, basketball, handball, skittles and curling (to name a few) all the while getting to mix with pupils from other schools and pupils who they will see around the building next year.  It looked like everyone was having fun and the day was only slightly marred by the fact that it was raining so everyone had to stay indoors.  We are looking forward to getting the P7s up to school and hope that they liked their taster of what life at Knox might entail.

On Wednesday I delighted in basking in the reflected glory of the pupils performing in the Spring Concert.  Boy, but they were good!  Jaimee Pickard shone in an arrangement of the clarinet piece that got her so far in a recent competition and she was ably supported by orchestra.  We had pipers and drummers, and all manner of woodwind, brass and string players.  The choirs were superb; their pleasure at singing was evident.  As ever my gratitude goes to all the Music staff and the Instructors, without whom the event would not happen.

Yesterday I had the dubious pleasure of being drafted for the Staff and Coaches versus Pupils Basketball Match.  I seemed to do a lot of running for not a lot of a result but I had a blast.  Watching the younger pupils hare up and down the court and pull off some fantastic shots was great.  Thanks go to the pupil coaches who are ever-upbeat and fun to be around, and to the players who resisted the urge to charge me!

Whilst a lot of us will be looking forward to the holidays I know that the S4 to S6 are gearing up to study.  The Easter Revision sessions will be running on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week.  Pupils are reminded that they must sign in and out when they visit (in case there’s a fire, we need to know who is in the building).  Sessions run from 10.00am to 12 noon and from 12.30pm until 2.30pm on each day.  Pupils cannot be in the building between 12 noon and 12.30pm as there won’t necessarily be anyone to supervise them.  If you are unsure what is running when, check out the timetable that can be downloaded from this website (see link that is positioned to the right of this post).

I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 22nd April.

Have a very good fortnight.
S Ingham


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