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Head Teacher's Update

12 February 2016

On Wednesday 3rd February the entire Second year was given the opportunity to attend the "Monitoring Volcanoes" workshop run by Geobus. Geobus is run by St Andrews University's Earth Science Department and tours schools across Scotland offering science and geography related workshops. The workshop that our pupils experienced saw pupils carry out experiments with weights and party poppers to simulate pressure build up in the magma chamber and the eruption. They had a seismograph sensor in class so as to learn about tremor detection (this involved synchronised class jumping!) and used an Infra-Red camera to detect heat spots. It was great fun, interactive, and a great way to learn about scientific prediction methods. We hope to arrange future activities with the Geobus team in future.

Various members of our community have had honourable mentions in the Courier recently: Dean Riva in S5 has been selected for the U17 Scotland Bowling Squad. He has been a prolific trophy winner and the place is well-deserved. I wish him well in the future. There was also a very positive article this week about the “New Spirit” concert that we are having in conjunction with Haddington Pipe Band. It promises to be an excellent evening’s entertainment on the 27th February. The concert is being held in the School Hall at 7.30pm and tickets are £5 each for adults and children under 12 years old get in free. I have some tickets at school, so get in touch if you’d like to come.

Thanks to everyone who come to the Parent School Partnership Meeting this week. It was well attended and we were treated to a presentation from Mr Redford who spoke about various changes that are going to be happening to the school website. We are looking to add a section to help parents better support their youngster’s learning. If you have any feedback or suggestions for Mr Redford, please get in touch via the school email address. The PSP AGM followed thereafter. The PSP will henceforth be known as the “Parent Council” – just to keep things a bit more recognisable for parents as they move from primary up to secondary.

I would like to remind all parents that we “go live” with Groupcall Messenger after the February break. You might be familiar with it from primary school but in case you are not:

“Messenger is an on-line system that allows schools to send personalised (SMS) text, voice or email messages…instantly to parents, staff, students or other contacts. The system has been proven to increase attendance and reduce unauthorised absence, providing an early alert if a child fails to arrive at school and offers rapid contact with groups of parents for general messages or in the event of an emergency. Messenger saves administration time, cuts telephone bills and drastically improves communication between schools and parents.”

So, if you child is not registered in school you will receive a text message to which we will ask you to respond. There are bound to be teething problems in the first instance, so please bear with us, but we believe that the new system will improve things for both school and parents.

School will close today at 12.05pm and will reopen for pupils on Tuesday 23rd February at the normal time. I look forward to seeing everyone after a restful and restorative week.

S Ingham



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