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Head Teacher's Update

22 May 2015

The Italy trip got away this morning at the ungodly hour of 3am (no, I wasn’t there to wave them off), and so begins Knox Academy’s Activities’ Week. And, what a week it is. It’s a great opportunity for youngsters to spend time with people they wouldn’t normally, and to get to know staff a bit better and in a different context. Equally it’s a chance for staff to see pupils in a different light and watch them grow and blossom as they try new things. It really is a jewel in the Knox crown and I have to say a massive thanks to Mr Taylor and Mrs Weir for organising it. The planning process pretty much begins as one Activities’ Week ends, and is relentless. I hope that all the pupils enjoy their week, be they in Spain playing football, in West Lothian sailing, climbing at Ratho or running round Blair Drummond. I look forward to hearing how it went on Friday morning.

The East Lothian Youth Games managed to happen this week, thanks to a glorious day on Wednesday. 450 young people from the six secondary schools took part in sports as diverse as football and golf. For the first time in a number of years, Knox managed to field complete teams in most events (well done on the “engagement”, folks!). We came joint third – a result no one can complain about and some particularly pleasing feedback from the event organiser was that “the respect that Knox participants showed to their opposing teams, the officials and each other was most impressive, as was the pride that was evident in representing their school.” I am generally very proud of the pupils, but it’s moments like this that I allow myself a self-satisfied grin – so well done everyone! Massive thanks to Mr Wands and the PE staff for organising our end of the event, accompanying, and encouraging the pupils.

In other sporting news I have to congratulate Amanda Martin in S1, who has been playing badminton to an extraordinarily high level. She is now achieved national ranking in her age group and is ranked 3rd in the country for singles, 2nd for doubles and is top ranked in mixed doubles. That is an enormous achievement and down to her hard work and strength of character. We couldn’t be prouder of her.

On the 29th & 30th of May. The ‘Jam Packed’ Computing Project is coming to deliver its first event in Scotland. The project is funded by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and RM Education. They’ve been having an 18-month tour with 18 free Jam Packed Community Computing Festivals. There are 3 events over the 2 days that are open to pupils and parents. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates and information. Tickets are free but you must register beforehand. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Mr McSwan at school.

And finally, we had our last PSP meeting of the session on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone who came along. We had a presentation from Max Sykes of Canon UK regarding an exciting project that we are working on together. (More of that in further updates). I would also like to extend my thanks to all PSP members (and other parents) who turn out to these meetings, and who are so supportive and positive – the partnership we have makes a big difference.

Have a great week.

S Ingham


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