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Head Teacher's Update

27 March 2015

Last weekend some very dedicated mathematicians went to “Maths Camp”. This is the second year that the maths department has run this popular event. Mrs McInnes writes: “The pupils were a joy to be with and were complimented on their behaviour and good manners by all the staff at the centre who came in contact with them. They took part in all the activities with great enthusiasm. As maths teachers it was wonderful to hear them talking about maths and working well together.” This was a great opportunity for the senior pupils to get some serious maths revision in before the end of term and I have no doubt that everyone will have benefitted. My thanks go to the members of staff who gave up their weekend so freely.

Meanwhile on the fields of sporting endeavour… The Senior Boys Rugby 7’s squad played and won the East Lothian 7’s Tournament at Meadowmill last Friday. Although they had lost to North Berwick earlier in the day, like all good teams, they learnt their lessons from the previous encounter, and went on to beat them in the final. The Under 15 squad played well and came second in their tournament. Congratulations to all involved! Knox girls’ rugby is growing from strength to strength. The Knox girls’ team displayed pace, style and strength during the day. They won all their matches and were crowned East Lothian Champions! Congratulations need also to go to Miss McPhee who takes training and masterminded the tactics on the day!

On Tuesday we had the S2 Parents’ Evening. It was well attended and, as usual, there was a good buzz about the building as pupils, parents and staff got together to help our pupils improve and reach their potential. Then,on Wednesday evening - equally well attended (but on a slightly smaller scale) we had our penultimate PSP meeting of the session (where has the time gone?). We were delighted to have our two school counsellors attend to let parents know about the type of work that they are doing with our youngsters. Angel Leitch (Chief Executive) also joined us and it was great to get her perspective and input on the issues discussed.

Yesterday our prospective S1 for session 2015/16 visited us for a Maths Transition Day. It was a full-on experience with pupils participating in problem-solving, poster making and building a giant tetrahedron. The pupils were ably assisted by some of our S3s and seemed to be having a lot of fun demonstrating their ability to break codes and provide quick-fire answers to problems. Dr Martin Carette who ran the tetrahedron input has emailed to say: “The overall experience was a very positive one for me and I was particularly impressed by the atmosphere in school, particularly the overall calm, friendly and welcoming manner of all the staff that I met.” Major thanks go to Mr Wren and Mr Blair from the maths department, the S3 helpers, and to everyone from the primaries who helped make this a really fun day.

As I type, the final Spring Concert rehearsals are taking place and it’s all sounding very fine. I look forward to the concert on Tuesday evening. Pupils will finish school for the Easter Holidays on Wednesday and everyone resumes on the 20th April.

Have a very good week.

S Ingham



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