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Head Teacher's Update

04 July 2014

If you thought that the last week of term would be about word searches and DVDs you’d be wrong…

I have visited several classes this week at the behest of the pupils and staff to see this term’s work come to fruition.  On Monday I joined Mr Bristow’s S1 English class to have a look at board games they had designed around the theme of the poem “The Highwayman”.  The pupils had worked hard to produce engaging and thoughtful games that people would enjoy and had put a lot of thought into their design and packaging.  Also on Monday and Wednesday I visited Ms McBride’s S1 French classes to hear about the “trips” they had planned to various French-speaking places.  Pupils were in groups and had to present about where they would travel, how they would get there, what they would pack (some a tad more minimalist than others!), what they weather would be like and what they would do.  Yesterday I visited Ms Anderson’s S3 History class to be a judge at the trial of Gavrilo Princip (he who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand).  Silly judge’s hat notwithstanding, the pupils argued for the defence and the prosecution and actually caused me and my fellow Judge, Mr Flood, to rewrite history.  All the pupils in the classes that I visited were engaged and working hard – they are a credit to themselves, their teachers and the school.  I also had the pleasure of playing in the Staff v Pupils Basketball match at lunchtime yesterday.  When I say “playing” I mean just haring up and down the court trying to keep up with the youngsters.  They did take pity on me at one point and let me score a basket.  Thanks, kids!

Yesterday evening we had our annual Awards’ Ceremony.  As usual the Hall was packed with proud families and humble pupils.  Owen McHugh, our S5 Dux, played a beautiful violin piece before Mr Young took over as Master of Ceremonies.  We were lucky enough to get Michael Cavanagh, Chair of Commonwealth Games Scotland, to be our speaker and to present the prizes.  He spoke passionately of his involvement in the Games and I think we all feel a little more connected to them having heard what he had to say.  We were really grateful to have him there, given the proximity of the Games.

Today we say farewell to some members of staff:  Ms Brown (Drama and Music), Ms Stewart (Home Economics), Ms Edgar (Art), Mr Milne (Art), Mr Hutchinson (Modern Languages), Mr Young (DHT) and Ms Hossack (Home Economics).  Between them they have notched up about 125 years’ of service to the school.  I wish them all the very best.

Now, just to say “thank you” to all the parents and friends of the school:  we couldn’t do it without you.  You are part of what makes this a great school to be part of.  I wish you all a wonderful Summer Holiday when it comes.

School re-opens to pupils on the 21st August 2014.
All the very best.
S Ingham


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