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Head Teacher's Update

19 September 2014

This week we welcomed Mrs Falconer to her post as Acting Depute Head Teacher.  She joins us from Portobello High School in Edinburgh, where she was PT Curriculum (Social Subjects).  Mrs Falconer has introduced herself to pupils at assemblies and is already getting to grips with her role as Head of Garleton House.  Please remember that the Deputes (Mr Simpson – Lammerlaw, Mr Illingworth – Traprain, and Mrs Falconer – Garleton) are your first port of call if you have any issues with how things are going with your child.

On Tuesday I had much pleasure in talking to S2 and S3 about the residential trips that are on offer for this session’s Activities’ Week.  They range from Outward Bound at Loch Eil, to football training outside Barcelona.  All pupils got a brochure to bring home with more detail about each trip and pupils are asked to note their interest on the form in the brochure and get it into the box outside the School Office by the end of Interval on Monday.  If the residential trips are not your child’s cup-of-tea, there will be an extensive range of in-school packages, and I did remind pupils that they are more than welcome to design their own activity package if they like (although they should speak to Mr Taylor about it first).

Today the S6 and some brave staff head off to Dalguise for the Staff/S6 weekend.  I hope that they have a fabulous time and, on Saturday, I will be popping up to see how they are getting on.  I suspect that there will be many memories forged and the odd embarrassing photograph taken.

This year we have two pupils who have successfully applied to Project Trust to take a year out before university.  This week we hear from Kara Anderson:
“Project Trust is an educational charity that sends school leavers to volunteer in over 20 countries worldwide. I decided to apply after having a visit from one of the staff during an assembly. I have always wanted to take a year out from education as I didn’t think I was ready for University yet. Project Trust offered me the opportunity to be immersed in a new culture while doing something different and rewarding. So I was thrilled when I was accepted by Project Trust to volunteer in Ghana after attending a week selection course in the Isle of Coll. I could be volunteering in a range of different schools, with different age groups, from Kindergarten to Junior High School in villages such as Hohoe, Abor or Tegbi. I will be teaching English, basic science, ICT, maths, as well as joining or setting up my own extracurricular activities, such as sports or crafts. Over the 12 months I will be carrying a huge sense of responsibility but it will be rewarding seeing the improvement in my students. Before I leave I face the challenge of fundraising £5900.  I will be doing this in a few ways such as applying for grants from charitable trusts, holding events and working part time. So I hope everyone can help me reach my goal by eating loads of cakes from bake sales and pieing your favourite teachers with shaving foam. You can follow my progress and fundraising efforts on my facebook page- 

Have a very good weekend.
S Ingham


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