A Word from Mrs Ingham, Head Teacher

Imagine my delight when I received the following on Friday night from the Operations Manager of the outward bound Centre in the Lake District: “The pupils have been polite around the centre and enthusiastic on activity. It is without hesitation that I say your staff and pupils are a credit to both you and the school and I for one would welcome them back to Ullswater at any time.” It’s lovely to get that feedback and I would, again, like to reiterate how grateful I am to everyone who made Activities’ Week a success and how proud I am of the pupils for being great ambassadors for the school.

The new S6 had their induction this morning. They looked at their responsibilities as S6, voted on how they want their senior leadership team to be composed, planned for their committees and helped redefine the vision for the school. All-in-all a very busy morning and a great start to their final year.

The S4 have been out on work experience this week. From what I hear, it has all gone well with all pupils attending their placements. I look forward to hearing about how it went for them when they return on Monday.

Speaking of Monday…There will be a meeting for Haddington Hockey at school starting at 7pm. Players, Parents and Coaches are encouraged to attend the meeting to discuss the BIG plans for next year. Representatives from School and Haddington Hockey Club will be delivering a presentation on the night highlighting the vision for Haddington Hockey. They will then field questions and take any suggestions. Please come along and have your say.

Next week there’s quite a bit going on. We’re practicing for fire alarms during registration, Monday to Wednesday. On Tuesday we are having sports’ day all day – athletics heats in the morning and whole school sports in the afternoon. Fingers crossed for good weather and make sure that your youngster comes prepared for all eventualities e.g. layers of clothing, sunscreen, water, snacks etc.

Have a great week.

S Ingham