The Bulletin: S1

Published: Wed 22 May 2024

Pansexual visibility day is celebrated each year on the 24th May.

What is pansexuality?

If you identify as pansexual, usually this means you can feel attraction towards anyone, regardless of gender.

How is this different to bisexuality?

Pansexuality puts more emphasis on the person rather than the gender. It’s like saying gender doesn’t matter to me at all! I only care about my connection with the person. It means that you don’t need to know someone’s pronouns or gender to feel attraction to them. This is also more inclusive of trans identities.

Why do we need a visibility day?

Pansexuality is quite a new term, so the visibility day allows them to learn about it. It means that people who identify as pansexual can express their identity and it gives them a voice!

Celebrities who are pansexual include Miley Cyrus, (Singer) Madison Bailey (Outer Banks), Cara Delevigne (Model), YUNGBLUD (Singer) and Kesha (singer).

Quote from Christine (from band Christine and the Queens):

"I can fall in love with someone regardless of their gender, regardless of how they define themselves. I don't really see that as an obstacle or a definition."

"Bisexual still works in a society where you have two boxes to tick and I don't want to tick a box.”

Published: Wed 22 May 2024

We are looking for volunteers to be part of the Knox Academy Achievement Ties Committee.  This is something that will look good on your CV as it demonstrates wider contribution to the school.  You would help twice a year going forward, helping make decisions on nominations/applications for Achievement Ties.  Currently there are 4 x S2 Volunteers (who all play additional ambassador roles) so no further S2's are required at this time.  It would however be good to have more representatives from other year groups. 

If you are already involved or want to be come and see Mr Clark on Thursday 23 May 2024 at Lunch or Break.  If you are an existing member and want a reminder of how to make decisions please also come along as the committee will be making decisions on the second round of applications next week.

You will find Mr Clark in his classroom (M8 - Geography)  or the staff social subjects base at these times. 

If you have previously volunteered but haven't contributed recently then you have been removed from the Google Classroom.  Current committee members as still on the Google Classroom. 

Published: Mon 20 May 2024

The LGBT group will meet in T1.1 (Ms Fletcher's room) this week from 1.25pm. Feel free to bring your lunch along!