Thanks, with much appreciation, go to Karina Serdtseva-Mckinnon for her effort and commitment in the entry of the calendar dates for Session 2018/2019.

You can subscribe to this calendar with these instructions, this will allow you to see school events alongside your personal calendar.  The original layout (rather than an event view) of the calendar is still accessible.


July 2019

01/07/2019 (All day)
02/07/2019 (All day)
03/07/2019 (All day)
04/07/2019 (All day)
05/07/2019 (All day)
08/07/2019 (All day)
09/07/2019 (All day)
10/07/2019 (All day)
11/07/2019 (All day)
12/07/2019 (All day)
15/07/2019 (All day)
16/07/2019 (All day)
17/07/2019 (All day)
18/07/2019 (All day)
19/07/2019 (All day)
22/07/2019 (All day)
23/07/2019 (All day)
24/07/2019 (All day)
25/07/2019 (All day)
26/07/2019 (All day)
29/07/2019 (All day)
30/07/2019 (All day)
31/07/2019 (All day)