The Christmas Concert held on Thursday 27 March 2024 can be viewed as a YouTube playlist... alternatively watch the individual videos below.

View the full Concert Programme.

Thanks to Emily Ross, Ingrid Maycock and Lois Houston for filming the concert.


Knox Orchestra - James Bond Theme

Knox Orchestra - Habanera

Jemma and Leila - Sonatine No. 5 Op. 96

Cello Group - The Bare Necessities

Iris and Elspeth - Riptide

Odd Socks - Mad World and Sweet Dreams

Rosanna Lyall - Born To Be Alive

Ivy and Leila - Dat Dere

Dancer Duet - Ghost Town

Dancer Duet - Pompeii

Spring Choir - What a Wonderful World

Spring Choir - I Like the Flowers

Cryptid - For Whom The Bell Tolls

The Goats' Toes - King of the Fairies

The Goats' Toes - My Love She Is But a Lassie Yet

The Goats' Toes - Annie Laurie

Stella McKenzie - Somewhere Only We Know

Katie and Tess - Beauty and the Beast

Jude and Lachlan - Destiny

Gaslight - Fratricide

Jazz Band - Linus and Lucy

Jazz Band - Careless Whisper

Jazz Band - Boom Boom