The Goats' Toes - Spring 2020

The Goats' Toes - Spring 2020

As a pupil body at Knox Academy we wondered what we could do to reach out to our local community, let them know that we are thinking of them and hopefully bring a smile to faces during this difficult time.

Music is a universal language and good for our health (physical and mental). We really enjoy playing it, so we decided to put our musical talents to good use and put together some performances for your enjoyment.

We want to make this music available to as many as people as possible, but in particular those who may be isolated or in hospital and care homes. We would also like to dedicate it to everyone in our community serving in frontline and essential services – we are in awe of what you are doing and truly grateful for the sacrifices you are making to help us all.

Please feel free to share the link as widely as possible via your personal and professional networks.

You never know, if it goes down well, we can maybe do it again!

Take care and stay safe
Pupils of Knox Academy


As our first video got a good response, we decided to put together another one. We also wanted to thank those volunteering to support the vulnerable in our communities, for continuing their amazing work.  Thank-you.


  • 1. Wild Mountain Time & Tiree Bridal Song - Jamie & Ben Gentil
  • 2. Loch Lomond - Isla Booth
  • 3. Maple Leaf Rag - Sophie Charbonnier
  • 4. I Will Go Home to Kintail - Alexander Hogg
  • 5. Candlelight - Nikolaus Hogg
  • 6. We'll Meet Again - Kirsty Booth
  • 7. Schindler's List - Tom Wilson


  • 1. The Rizla - Ben Gentil (box), Jamie Gentil (guitar)
  • 2. Scotland the Brave / The Rowan Tree / The Badge of Scotland - Alexander Hogg (bagpipes)
  • 3. Candlelight - Nikolaus Hogg (flute)
  • 4. The Green Lands - Isaac and Daisy Ingram (both violin)
  • 5. The Man I Love - Isla Booth (piano)
  • 6. Gigue in E major - Tom Wilson (violin)