Spring Concert 2023

The Spring Concert held on Thursday 30 March 2023 can be viewed as a YouTube playlist... alternatively watch the individual videos below.

Thanks to Nuala Kirkham, Beatrix Haydock and Elle Davies for filming the concert.


Welcome from Oscar and Hannah


Pipes - Scotland the Brave



  • Mist Covered Mountains

  • Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban

  • The 25th K.O.S. B's Farewell to Meerut


Orchestra - Paint It, Black


Orchestra - Lord of the Rings Suite


Ben Gentil - Silly Putty


Bored - Bored


Ittrium - Cherry Bomb


Ittrium - Be Quiet and Drive


The Goats' Toes - Dark Island Set


The Goats' Toes - Napoleon Crossing the Alps and The Pullet


The Goats' Toes - Coming Through The Rye


Iris and Elspeth Duet - Runaway


Gillian McKenzie - Rondo


Knox Dance Group - Stay


Knox Dance Group - Flowers


Senior Jazz Band - Cantaloupe Island


Senior Jazz Band - Moanin'


Gaslight - Mudride


Gaslight - Man in the Box


String Orchestra - Million Dreams


Tess Henderson - Glasgow Love Theme


Flute Duet - Allegro and Minuet


Amber Washington-MacKay - Howl's Moving Castle


David Hayman - Moanin'


Red Raven - God Save the Queen


Red Raven - Touch Me I'm Sick


Jazz Band - Feeling Good


Jazz Band - Better Get It In Your Soul


Jazz Band - The Chicken