Course Choice

Course Choice for Session 2024/2025

We have updated all relevant sections of the Course Choice area here on the website, for next session (2024/25). Please take time to consult any sections that are relevant to you.  Key documents and information will be emailed/ shared directly to pupils in the coming weeks e.g. all pupils in S3-5 will receive a letter with their coursing recommendations the week beginning 22 January. It is very important that these recommendations are taken into account when making course choices as they are the professional opinion of staff as to the most appropriate next steps for each individual. 

There will be an online (Google Meet) coursing information event held on 15 January 2024, 18:30-19:30. This may be a particular use to parents who are new to the coursing process and will cover generic issues. Any specific questions should be directed to your child's Pupil Support leader in the first instance. 

We are holding a Careers Fair in the Assembly Hall on Wednesday 17 January 2024 6:00-8:00pm. Over 50 industries and partner agencies will be represented, so please come along and have a wander. It is open to S1-3 from 6:00-7:00pm and S4-6 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

Elaine Gorman our Developing Young Workforce (DYW) coordinator, along with her colleagues have collated the following catalogue of videos links, which provide an insight into an extremely diverse range of careers. They have been divided up into the different curricular areas. We have also posted the list of links that are contained within the Course Choice Powerpoint as these complement the videos in terms of other sources of information pupils and parents/ carers may find useful.

We hope that these will allow pupils to broaden their horizons in terms of the range of job opportunities that are out there and see the relevance of the different subject areas to these careers.

It is impossible to cover every single career/ job opportunity, not least as the job market is evolving and changing so rapidly.

Our intention is to build on the library of links and resources as time goes on and in particular to include more examples of local businesses, opportunities etc.

East Lothian Works (ELW) Information Events 
East Lothian Works have produced a FAQ document and a recorded version of the event so that pupils and parents/ carers can still access it. Links to these resources are here:

Documentation for each year group is below the Background Information:

Background Information

Pupils will be emailed information regarding the process. Course choices will be confirmed with pupils, parents and carers once all of the S3-6 coursing information is received and we have been able to establish the most efficient way of giving as many pupils their first choices, as is possible. 

All pupils in S3-5 will have a coursing interview with a member of their House Team. Every S2 pupil will be seen by C Trotter our Skills Development Scotland link.

All pupils in S2 upwards are currently being asked to think about their options to study more in depth further up the school.  From S2 upwards there is an element of choice as to what pupils are; 

  • interested in
  • good at 
  • may require a background in due to their chosen career path 

There are a number of ways in which we can support pupils in this process; subject teachers, Pupil Support Leaders, Careers Advisor (Skills Development Scotland) and of course discussion with parents.

Further to support from staff in school, we also suggest the use of the following websites for information surrounding choosing the right subjects;

We will also try and make as much information available to families as possible with regards to the other options e.g. College and Foundation Apprenticeships.

Here are some of the presentations that pupils and parents/ carers may find useful.

As per East Lothian Council’s Excellence & Equity: Raising Attainment for All Strategy, Knox Academy is fully committed to providing the best education possible through a relentless focus on Inclusion, Achievement, Ambition and Progress for All. Within Equity across their curriculum document, each faculty sets out how they ensure equity across their curriculum areas.



S2 into S3 Documentation

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S3 into S4 Documentation

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S4 into S5 and; S5 into S6 Documentation

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