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School College Partnership CoursesCourse Choice for Session 2022/2023

Careers Information

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to host an in-person Careers Event this session.

Elaine Gorman our Developing Young Workforce (DYW) coordinator, along with her colleagues have collated the following catalogue of videos links, which provide an insight into an extremely diverse range of careers. They have been divided up into the different curricular areas. We have also posted the list of links that are contained within the Course Choice Powerpoint as these complement the videos in terms of other sources of information pupils and parents/ carers may find useful.

We hope that these will allow pupils to broaden their horizons in terms of the range of job opportunities that are out there and see the relevance of the different subject areas to these careers.

It is impossible to cover every single career/ job opportunity, not least as the job market is evolving and changing so rapidly.

Our intention is to build on the library of links and resources as time goes on and in particular to include more examples of local businesses, opportunities etc.

The advantage of being able to make these resources available on the website is that you can access them and return to them at times that suit you, although we appreciate that they don’t allow for those personal conversations which can be really useful, which is why we will probably have a hybrid model of in-person and online moving forward.



East Lothian Works (ELW) Information Events 

East lothian Works ran a series of information events that were run during January (and were advertised by the school). These proved to be very useful and popular. On the back of these events they have produced a FAQ document and a recorded version of the event so that pupils and parents/ carers can still access it. Links to these resources are here:


Documentation for each year group is below the Background Information:



Background Information

Given the current circumstances due to the pandemic we are preparing to conduct the coursing process online. Pupils will be emailed information regarding the process, including a Google Form that will allow them to submit their initial choices. They will have a Coursing Interview via Google Meet with their Pupil Support Leader. Course choices will be confirmed with pupils, parents and carers once all of the S3-6 coursing information is received and we have been able to establish the most efficient way of giving as many pupils their first choices, as is possible. 

All pupils in S2 upwards are currently being asked to think about their options to study more in depth further up the school.  From S2 upwards there is an element of choice as to what pupils are; 

  • interested in
  • good at 
  • may require a background in due to their chosen career path 

There are a number of ways in which we can support pupils in this process; subject teachers, guidance staff, career advisor (Skills Development Scotland) and of course discussion with parents!

Further to support from staff in school we also suggest the use of the following websites for information surrounding choosing the right subjects;

We will also try and make as much information available to families as possible with regards to the other options e.g. College and Foundation Apprenticeships.

Here are some of the presentations that pupils and parents/ carers may find useful.



S2 into S3 Documentation

Please ensure that you have read the Background Information



S3 into S4 Documentation

Please ensure that you have read the Background Information



S4 into S5 and; S5 into S6 Documentation

Please ensure that you have read the Background Information