S6 Course

S6 Social Education


From August to October S6 pupils are mainly involved with writing their applications for University. Pupils are provided with a school resource "How to Write a Personal Statement" and in the first few weeks they are given examples of good and bad statements. Pupils have the opportunities to talk through their application with their Guidance Teacher and the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Jones the Careers Adviser.

Pupils are asked to complete the UCAS application form by the October holiday as this gives time for staff to complete the teacher reference and to make suggestions for changes to the Personal Statement.

Please see UCAS website for further information


LEAPS aims to promote social inclusion and equality of opportunity by facilitating increased participation and success in higher education of young people whose ability to choose higher education as a post-school option and/or to demonstrate or realise their potential may have been inhibited by economic, social or cultural factors.

How do they do this....
1.Provide (a) young people and (b) their parents with advice, information and encouragement to consider higher education, accessed directly or through further education, as an attractive and attainable option.
2.Provide impartial information and advice about courses and routes to higher education.
3.Raise awareness of widening participation issues and the need to challenge traditional assumptions about admissions criteria within (a) higher education institutions and (b) schools.
4.Enhance the prospects of young people fulfilling their academic potential by promoting positive attitudes to learning and acquisition of learning skills to ensure effective transition to and success in higher education.
5.Monitor and evaluate student progression into, through and beyond higher education.

Eligible pupils: 
•student who is first generation in family to apply to higher education or whose parents do not already have a degree. This includes students who parents may have briefly participated in higher education but did not achieve a degree. Please note however that a student whose parent/guardian/carer has achieved any degree - irrespective of mode of study, type of institution, location of study - would not match be LEAPS eligible under this criteria.
•student from a low income background (for instance, where a student is entitled to EMA, free meals in school, or where the family is on income support)
•student who has spent time in care or being looked after
•student who is a young carer

Please see LEAPS website for further information

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