National 5 Portfolio Submission Checklist

Click here to access portfolio checklist


National 5 Electronic Portfolio

Click here to download the N5 electronic portfolio. *copy the entire document and paste it into a blank Word document - this will enable you to write in the boxes*.

This must be your own work. Complete every section up to and including 'Analysing Information' electronically (due Monday 24th February). Save this to your school USB or send it to your Edubuzz account or print a copy to allow your teacher to see your Portfolio. Remember, this must be your own work and your best work! 


National 4/5 PE Homework

Homework 6 (overdue) - complete your personal 8 week training programme. Fill in Thursday sessions with the titles of your sessions. 8 week programme can be found here.

Homework 5 (overdue) - complete 3 session plans that are specific to your factor. A blank template can be found here.


Homework 4 (Due Monday 6th January) [Click Here]

Homework 3 (Due Monday 3rd December) [Click Here]

Homework 2 - Factors Impacting Performance Poster

Homework 1 - Testing & Methods of Training