Eco-Curriculars at Knox Academy

At Knox Academy, we value the environment in our local community and in the wider world. We feel that it is important for young people to engage with environmental issues, which have an impact on our present and undoubtedly on our future. For this reason, there are two environmental clubs at Knox Academy in which students can get involved: the Eco-Committee and the Green Team.

The Eco-Committee is a student and staff group which works to implement positive environmental changes within Knox Academy and the school community. The committee meets once a week on Tuesdays at lunch time in Miss Laudi's room (T1.2) to organise environmental initiatives like awareness campaigns, donation drives, and our ever popular Eco-Week.

The Green Team is Knox Academy's recycling club and we meet every Wednesday at lunch time in Miss Laudi's room (T1.2). We get together once a week to empty recycling from classrooms around the school and we work on other projects throughout the year too. We have an amazing group of students in S1-S4 who are already involved and we always welcome new members!

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For further information or if you would like to contribute to these groups, please contact Miss Laudi.

Environment News

Published: Tue 13 Nov 2018

Our Eco-Tip this week is especially important in our day-to-day life here at school. When you are working in your jotters, make sure to use up every space, rather than flipping to a new page at the start of each lesson. By doing this, you will make use of the whole jotter and you won't waste paper! Your jotter will last longer and it will also help you keep your notes in better sequence too! Give it a try today!

Published: Tue 6 Nov 2018

Our Eco-Tip this week encourages everyone to use public transportation rather than driving their own car. Yesterday, members of the Eco-Committee and Green Team attended a climate change workshop where we learned about how carbon negatively impacts the atmosphere and leads to rising temperatures. We calculated our individual carbon footprints and learned that even small changes like using public transportation, car sharing, walking and cycling reduce how much carbon you add to the environment!