Children's University

Any S1 or S2 pupil at Knox can become a member of the Children's University and most S1 pupils have joined.  Participation is voluntary. It is run in conjunction with Queen Margaret University and gives accreditation for learning and achievements outside of normal school lesson hours, such as at extra-curricular activities, clubs or at public learning destinations, such as art galleries, museums, the Sea Bird Centre, etc.

Pupils accumulate and add activity hours, checked by teachers, to their passport record, including an on-line 'e' passport, which records hours spent on activities, eventually leading to bronze, silver & gold awards.  Award presentations (graduations) will be organised and held by Queen Margaret University. 

Being an active member of the Children's University supports learning, as children see that their activities and efforts outside of the classroom are valued and rewarded; they can also achieve better in school as a result of increased motivation from something they succeed at beyond their school subjects timetable, making learning a reality beyond academic studies.  It also opens up opportunities to learn about the role of universities, access to them and the wide range of courses on offer there which is important for learning, life and work when they leave school.  Additionally, Children’s University can provide a vehicle for families to learn together when they visit the range of accredited public learning destinations on offer, even during school holidays.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Cumming, Knox Academy.