Design & Technology


  • Miss R Smith
  • Mr N Tait (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr R Watson


  • S1 & S2 Design & Technology:
    an introduction to Design & Manufacture, Graphic Communication and Practical Woodwork

  • S3 Practical Woodwork:
    Pupils will manufacture a range of practice joints and wooden projects using machines and hand tools from a wide range available in the workshop. Pupils will take home projects when complete but some may be retained for assessing in S4. Pupils must work in a safe manner and be responsible for their own and other safety throughout the year. Pupils will manufacture more complex projects as the year progresses with greater independence. Logbooks and knowledge of woodwork tools and processes will be learnt as the year progresses.

  • S3 Graphic Communication:
    Technical Graphics: Pupils will explore the use of CAD 3D modelling software and produce a variety of models with materials, textures and lighting up to National 4-5 difficulty. They will develop skills in reading, interpreting and producing 2D and 3D technical drawings which comply with British Drawing Standards Conventions. Pupils can download the CAD software at home if they wish, for free. The class teacher can give details on request.

    Visual Media Graphics: Pupils will explore the full range of adobe software, including Photoshop, Illustrator and indesign in our first unit, Superhero Business Cards. Through this they will learn how to use Graphic Design Elements and Principles to enhance the quality of their work. As well as learning about the commercial printing process and planning for this. The following units build on the skills from this unit and further expand knowledge.

    Knowledge and Understanding:
    Throughout the year pupils will show their understanding through class tests, homeworks and a final S3 exam. 

  • S3 Design & Manufacture:
    In our first unit, pupils will learn the basic design process through the design of a desk organiser. This will cover analysing a design brief, carrying out research, writing a specification, sketching, modeling, planning and evaluating. Once the class finish their design folio we will head into the workshops to manufacture their final designs. The remainder of the course build skills in designing, manufacture and knowledge. The pupils will use a variety of materials; wood, metal and plastic when designing and manufacturing products. Pupils will use laser cutters, 3D printers and other new technology.

  • S4/5/6 National 4/5 Design & Manufacture
  • S4/5/6 National 4/5 Graphic Communication
  • S4/5/6 National 4/5 Practical Woodwork
  • S5/6 Higher Design and Manufacture

If any pupils wish to study 'Engineering Science' - which we do not offer - then please speak to a Tech teacher and we will explain how to study this at another East Lothian school or how to undertake a Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering via the College.


Working at home:

If pupils cannot access school for whatever reason, they can access learning materials as below:

  • S3/4/5/6 Courses and materials are stored and accessible via Google Classroom.
  • S1-S2 Access the work below, at least 20 hours of learning activity, using paper or computers eg Google Slides, Drawing packages, to complete the work.

A graphics challenge; Design your own company Logo and Flyer for an event eg a Sporting event or Festival in HADDY.  Use this free LOGO Maker website for the logo.

Create some cool lettering for a design using the Graffiti Text Generator.