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  • Mrs T Martin
  • Mrs L Loughrey
  • Mrs M Middlemiss


  • S1- S2 CfE Music
  • S3 Music - S3 classes started the year by doing a “Creative Month” where they worked in bands to arrange and perform Pop tunes. 
    For the rest of the year they will follow a National 3-4 course, covering the three required units that should enable them to progress to National 4/5 next year. These units are Music Performing, Composition and Understanding Music.
    In performing, pupils are working on a selection of National 4 or 5 pieces, developing skills on two instruments. In Understanding Music pupils will cover the following topics: The history of Orchestral Music, Scottish Music, World Music, Jazz and Blues and Popular Music. They will also have the opportunity to do a variety of Composition tasks.
  • National 4/5 Music
  • Higher Music
  • Advanced Higher Music

We are currently assessing the feasibility of offering National 5 Music Technology.

Any P7 Pupils wishing to undertake Musical Tuition when starting at Knox in August, please check the info. at the link below, to see the process for tuition.

Music Tuition Information