Modern Studies


Miss K Bulloch, Mr A Redford and Mr S Illingworth (Depute)


  • S1 - Rights and Responsibilities, People Power, Mock Election
  • S2 - Power - China and The USA
  • S3 - Need and Aid, Health in Scotland
  • National 4/5
    • Democracy in Scotland
    • Crime and Law
    • World Power -The USA
    • Added Value/Assignment
  • Higher
    • Democracy in Scotland and the UK
    • Social Inequalities in the UK 
    • The People's Republic of China
    • Assignment
  • Advanced Higher
    • Law and Order and Research Methods
    • Dissertation

About Modern Studies:

Modern Studies is a subject unique to the Scottish secondary school curriculum, that is concerned with the study of local, national and international issues from a social, political and economic perspective.

Modern Studies is concerned with the study of seven key concepts;  

Act, speak, or make decisions on behalf of other people, e.g. an MP speaking for his/her constituents in the Parliament.  

Rights and Responsibilities
Freedoms we are entitled to and duties or obligations we have as a result, e.g. the right to vote and the responsibility to use the vote wisely.

Joining in, taking part, becoming involved, e.g. standing as a candidate in an election.

Ideas and beliefs of a political or economic system, e.g. the USA is a capitalist democracy.

Having the same level of wealth, status or well-being; usually looked at in terms of inequality, e.g. some elderly people have a lower living standard than others.  

What individuals, groups or countries must have to survive and develop; usually looked at in terms of whether needs are being met, e.g. some developing countries find it difficult to meet their basic needs.

Ability individuals, groups or countries have to act or influence how others act.