A Word from Mrs Ingham, Head Teacher

18 August 2017

Welcome to the new S1s, parents and staff, and welcome back to everyone else!

Staff started back on Monday 14 August, where we had our two in-service days to continue planning for this session. We welcomed the following new staff to Knox mainstream: Ms Cahoon (English), Mrs Gourlay (Maths), Dr Lyon (Support for Learning), Mrs Cochrane (HE), Ms Walker (Biology & Science), Mr Moncrieff (Physics and Science), Ms Borwick (PE). Mr McDonald (PE) has returned to us on a part-time basis, and we’re very grateful to Mr Raphael for coming back to help with cover in Computing until our new teacher arrives. The following staff joined us at Meadowpark: Ms Murphy, Mr Morrison, Mr Krawiec, Ms Ranu, Ms Will, Ms Mearns, and Ms Smith.

I have been in a number of classes this week, just welcoming pupils back and seeing how they have settled. I was delighted to see them working well, and looking for the most part, happy to be back. I will be visiting S1 and S5 classes specifically over the next couple of weeks. Matthew Morrison in S2 had been growing his hair for 15 months so that he could donate it to Little Princess Trust, who will use it to make wigs for children who have no hair due to cancer treatment or illness. It was finally long enough over the holidays, so he had his head shaved. It's the second time he's done this over the last three years. Whilst it’s after the event, he’s looking for sponsorship, so if anyone wants to donate, you can get in touch through the school. It’s a marvellous thing that Matthew has done and is just the sort of altruism that makes me very proud.

Congratulations to one of our partners –East Coast FM who have just been awarded the Princess Royal Training Award. This award usually goes to much bigger organisations e.g. BAE Systems and Barclay’s Bank, so ECFM really had to hold their own. I am delighted that our pupils played a part in gaining the award and I believe they will be taking part in a celebratory photo shoot next week – it’s a real sign of community engagement from our youngsters. I have also asked the team to come in during one lunchtime to try and enthuse others and get them on board.

At the end of last session, I was delighted to hear that Jack Martin (former pupil) had gained his BA (Hons) from Stirling University. I wish Jack all the best as he takes the next steps in his career.

It was my pleasure, today, to join the Employability Skills class to introduce the pupils to Max Sykes (Canon UK), who, alongside others, will be working with the pupils on their employability

On Monday the S1s are getting their school photos taken. We will be on hand to straighten ties and hold mirrors so that they can brush their hair. On Thursday, the S6 are having a UCAS day, where they will start the process of UCAS applications and get advice from speakers on the whole process.

Have a great week.

S Ingham