August 2009

Published: 28 August 2009

Another busy week and the timetable seems to be running smoothly.

During the week I visited each S1 class and it was a delight to hear from staff how hard the pupils are working and to hear from the pupils how well they have settled in at Knox Academy. The pupils looked very smart in the dress code of the school and most of them can now tie their own ties!

All year groups had assemblies this week when senior pupils who went with Mr Francis on the expedition to Zambia in the summer holiday, gave a presentation about their trip. The enthusiasm of the group, the interesting facts and lovely photographs they presented inspired the audiences. Peru, Zambia, where next?

Today we had the S6 year group photographs taken, this proved to be a breezy affair as the staging was built up on the playing field. Even with the strong wind and dark clouds, the S6 looked terrific and 'the year of 2010' has made a good start to their final year at the school.

Many of the extra-curricular clubs are up and running, I would urge all parents/carers to encourage their youngsters to take part in one or more of the activities available. It is a great way to have fun and make new friends.

Best wishes,
JB Craig


Published: 21 August 2009

The term has started in a busy and positive fashion. The S1 pupils seem to be settling in very well, and I would like to thank the S6 'buddies' for their help with this.

This session there will be 'Zero Tolerance' of pupils who disregard school policies in the areas of punctuality and dress code, as these are priorities to help to ensure a business like atmosphere in the classroom and successful learning. The adherence to dress code this week has been excellent, the pupils look extremely smart and I would like to thank all sections of the school community for their support of, and assistance with, the dress code.

S5/6 pupils have been confirming or amending their course choices following receipt of their examination results, hopefully finalised timetables will be in action from early next week.

Every pupil was issued with a letter and information for parents/carers, from the Scottish Government, regarding swine 'flu, please contact the school office (or check the school bag!) if you have not received a copy. The documents can be viewed on the website. The main point is that every effort will be made to ensure 'business as usual'.

Finally, the school has a new security system and all pupils were informed of this at assemblies. All visitors must enter by the main door and report to Reception. Thank you for your co-operation with this.

Best wishes,
JB Craig


Published: 13 August 2009

Where did the summer go?

I hope everyone has managed to have a restful and enjoyable time.

At the end of last term I stressed to pupils the necessity of arriving at school on time and in full dress code, indeed, for the new session there will be 'Zero Tolerance' of pupils who disregard school policies in these areas. Good attendance, punctuality and dress code, help to ensure a business like atmosphere in the classroom and successful learning.

Last year's S4/5/6 pupils have now received their examination results, details of the whole school results will be in the October Knox News and will be placed on the website. Well done to all pupils involved and best wishes to those not returning to the school and moving to pastures new.

Also, best wishes to all pupils and staff for the coming session. The Autumn term begins on Monday 17 August for staff and Wednesday 19 August for pupils.

JB Craig