July 2016

Published: 01 July 2016

Well, we have had a marvellous week, with so much going on, so forgive me for just listing a few things.

We have said a fond farewell to some members of staff: our NQTs – Mr MaCrae, Miss Simpson and Mr Blair; Mr McGinley from Pupil Support; Mr Elms from PE; Dr Wilson from Science and Biology; Mr McFarlane from Business Education; Mr Homer from Science and Physics; and Mrs Maxwell from English. We wish them all well in the next stages of their careers.

I would like to congratulate the following pupils who have been successful in their music exams: Niall Holman grade 2 Violin Pass; Isla Booth grade 3 Violin Pass; Laura Harrison grade 2 Viola Pass; Sophie Charbonnier grade 2 Viola Distinction; Lucy Ballantyne grade 2 Violin Pass; David Graham grade 3 Violin Pass; Niamh McInnes grade 2 Viola Merit; Hannah Hogg grade 2 Violin Pass; Tala Davidson grade 2 Violin Merit; Isaac Ingram grade 2 Violin Merit; Eleanor Luckett grade 2 Viola Distinction; and Dolly Glass-Slyth grade 4 Violin Merit. Emily Flockhart grade 4 Clarinet Distinction; Eilidh Graham grade 6 Clarinet Distinction; Hannah Trotter grade 7 Flute Distinction; Isaac Smith grade 7 Saxophone Distinction; Emily Bowen grade 7 Clarinet Distinction; Mark Sandford grade 7 Saxophone Distinction; Isla Booth grade 7 Piano Distinction; and Rebecca Swinton grade 8 Flute Distinction.

Congratulations should also go to Connor Wilson-Rumney who has been selected to play in the European Young Masters golf competition in Switzerland next month. I wish him all the very best and look forward to hearing how he gets on.

I spent an inspiring afternoon on Tuesday with three of our Higher Photography pupils at the World Press Photo exhibition at the Scottish Parliament. Canon UK and Ireland were sponsoring the event and, thanks to our partnership with them, they wangled us an invitation. We heard from this year’s winner Warren Richardson about the story behind his photo. He was completely inspiring and gave, myself, Abigail Kissack, Finlay Logie, and Elsa Armet a lot to think about.

On Wednesday we elected our new Pupil Leadership Team. Congratulations to everyone who put themselves forward for election. The Deputy Head Prefects for session 2016/17 are Emma De Costa, Georgia Herriott, and Rebecca Keegan, and they will support the Head Prefect, Calum Learmonth. I look forward to working with them in the new session.

On Wednesday evening I attended a meal at Colstoun House that had been prepared by a number of our new S4 pupils. They have been going up to Colstoun for the past ten weeks, getting to know the staff up there and deciding on what sort of an event they wanted to put on. It was marvellous! I would like to thank the staff at Colstoun, the Lead a Bright Future Team and East Lothian Works for supporting the pupils and helping them make it such a fantastic evening.

Last night we had our Awards’ Ceremony. As usual, it was a packed house, with loads of proud parents, grandparents and siblings in attendance. Councillor John McMillan presented the awards and gave a stirring speech in which he spoke passionately of education, relationships and his pride in Knox Academy. He is a true friend of the school and I would like to thank him for his time and dedication (as well as the generous “Holiday Survival Pack” that he gave me!).

So as we head off into the summer (having watched our traditional montage and sang Summer Holiday), it is left to me to say thank you to everyone for their support and enthusiasm this session. I look forward to seeing pupils ready for work on Wednesday 17th August at the usual time.

Have a great summer.

S Ingham