A Word from Miss Cook, Head Teacher

HT’s update 170622

It was great to have the school at full capacity again on Monday and Tuesday as our new S1 pupils joined us for the final days of their transition. They all seemed to really enjoy the experience and keen for August to come around to join us full time. They were brilliant on their days here and we have really high hopes about what they will achieve in their six years at the school. Thank you to the P7s, their teachers and parents for making it such a successful transition and we look forward to seeing them all on August 17.

I will be writing home to all parents/carers on the week before we start back in August so you will all have the information you need ahead of schedule for the first day back. For anyone wanting information about the school day, uniform, extra-curricular activities you can access this now in our School Handbook.

It was wonderful to catch up with our S6 Leavers at the Prom last night at the Glasshouse at Eskmills. They looked stunning in their beautiful dresses and suits. The meal was delicious too. We hope that they will all continue to keep in touch with us and let us know how they are getting on in life and, as former pupils, come back and inspire others at the school telling us about their successes.


We are interviewing for ASN Auxiliary on Monday 20th June

We appointed Jamie Smith on a permanent contract at Meadowpark – ASN Auxiliary

Currently advertised:

Class Teacher ASN – 1FTE Meadowpark

Class Teacher Attainment – Part time - Meadowpark

Pupils’ News

Sports Day

The finals took place on Tuesday and they were hotly contested across all age groups!  Well done to all who tried out at the qualifying rounds last week and to all those who made it to the finals day. It was brilliant having the whole school out on the playfields watching those competing and cheering them on. Staff gave the pupils a good run for their money in the 4 x 100m relays and also in the three legged races!  It really was a great afternoon and brought our school community together in a fun way. Many of our winners went on to compete at the County Sports yesterday and we came 3rd overall – a fantastic result!

Parents’/Carers’ Information

School Improvement – Session 2022-23

Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) for Session 2022-23 has now been finalised. Thank you to all parents who completed the questionnaire as some of the feedback from this helped direct our next steps, along with the feedback from pupils and staff in their questionnaire responses too. If you would like to feedback on our SIP please do contact the school via email. I have also produced a Parents Overview which you may find useful. Our updates on this session’s improvement plan (SQIP) can also be read here.

Blazer Fittings - S5/6

Border Embroideries will be visiting the school on the morning of Monday 20 June 2022 to allow senior pupils the opportunity to have a blazer fitting.

Mi-Fi Dongles

If you were issued with a Mi-Fi dongle by the school, to support internet connectivity during the period of remote learning, the contract we had from the Scottish Government will cease during the summer holidays.  This is due to the resumption of in-school learning during this session. Please ask your young person to hand their dongle in to the school office. Thank you.

Pupils’ Achievements

West Highland Way

Congratulations go to Callum Donohoe, Matthew Charbonnier, David Hayman, Hannah Pathirana (all S6) and Leila Maycock (S5), who recently completed the West Highland Way, over 7 days after all of their exams had finished. They began the 98 mile trek (unsupported) at Milngavie, on Monday 30th May, and reached the finish, at Fort William, on Sunday 5th June. Great use of navigation skills and I am sure they had lots of fun along the way too!


Dylan Pearman (new S6) recently completed in the Welsh Open Squash Championships even though in the boys U19's (Dylan is only 17). He came 11th overall, which is great as he is very young for this age group. His younger brother, Jamie (new S2) played in the U13's and won this age group! He was absolutely delighted and he managed to win all of his 4 matches 3-0. What a fantastic performance and experience for both boys.

Success Stories

If you have any success stories about your young person please send these in to our admin@knox.elc.school.org so we can share these with everyone in our school and community. Thank you.


Dates for your diary:

Thursday 23 June             Awards Evening (two sittings) - (a) 6-7pm and (b) 8-9pm

Friday 1 July                      End of Term (12.15pm)


Sue Cook


Covid-19 Update

The guidance for schools was updated on Monday 2 May.  From Sunday 1 May public health advice changed to a ‘stay at home’ message replacing self-isolation for people who have symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19. People who have symptoms of Covid-19 and who have a fever or are too unwell to carry out normal activities will be asked to stay at home while they are unwell or have a fever. Pupils and staff will no longer be advised to take a PCR test. Full information on the stay at home guidance is available here. Continuing with our approaches to good hand hygiene, ventilation, physical distancing (where possible), and recommending face coverings be worn in social areas and larger gatherings will still be a feature until the end of the summer term.  Face coverings are still recommended on school transport too. Our latest Risk Assessment can be read here.

Parent Council

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