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I am writing to let you know about a recent situation whereby some schools’ staff have been...
As Christmas approaches I wanted to provide you with an update on the mitigations that remain in...
SQA have provided a copy of a new learner booklet, Your National Qualifications 2021-22, for...
Knox Academy is pleased to invite applications for the following vacancy: Closing Date:...
Knox Academy is pleased to invite applications for the following vacancies: Closing Date:...

A Word from Miss Cook, Head Teacher

03 December 2021

We are now into week two of our senior prelims and our young people seem to be coping admirably with them, given most have not experienced any formal type exams previously. I would like to commend them for giving their best throughout the prelims so far, to encourage them to keep the study going right up until their last one has been completed, knowing that they have done as well as possible through their preparation.  

I hope you all received the letters from our Head of Education, updating you on our Covid-19 in Schools guidance and her letter on Social Media (TikTok).  In relation to LFD Tests – we have lots available for pupils/families so please have your young person pick these up from the school entrance on weekdays or at the office at all other times. It is looking increasingly likely that proof of a recent negative LFD is going to be the ticket to social interaction and access to many venues this festive period. We will also be looking for pupils/staff to continue testing during the Christmas holidays and to do a test the night before or the morning they return to school in January, to ensure we limit any spread of Covid at Knox Academy. LFD tests are available at the main entrance every morning and from pharmacies, test centre and soon from shopping centres too.


Family Support Worker – Meadowpark – will be advertised this weekend

Tracey McConnachie – our Cook Supervisor, leaves today after being at Knox Academy for almost 13 years. We wish her well in her new role as an Assistant Area Officer (Facilities Management).

Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 10 December

To enter into the festive season we are asking our young people and staff, if they have a Christmas jumper, to wear it to school next Friday.  If your young person doesn’t have a jumper, decorating a normal jumper with some Christmas tinsel or bobbles would be great too. No need to go to any expense though if they don’t have one and ideally they should wear something brightly coloured to school instead. 

Alongside the...


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