Knox Academy Library aims to provide students and staff with

  • a positive atmosphere to reach their full potential
  • an area conducive to learning
  • information skills that allow pupils to be wise independent learners
  • an area that engages students; promotes respect and positive attitudes towards others.

The library opening times are:

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday 8 am – 1.05 pm 1.35 pm – 4.30 pm
Tuesday 8 am – 1.05 pm 1.35 pm – 4 pm
Wednesday 8 am – 1.05 pm 1.35 pm – 4 pm
Thursday 8 am – 1.05 pm 1.35 pm – 4.30 pm
Friday 8 am – 12.00 pm  

The librarian is Mr W Plain BA(Hons) ALA

Pupil Library Website CLICK HERE

Carla Taylor has developed a Library Website that allows pupils to post Book Reviews and ask for advice on Library Services. The site includes educational apps to assist pupils with studying and there are also Poetry, Pupil Librarian and Events pages. You can view the site here

Accelerated Reader:

To take a quiz you will find Accelerated Reader in the Favourites Menu.

To find out if a book has a quiz on Accelerated Reader, use AR Book-Find.

Accelerated Reader ZPD Level Books
0.0 - 1.9 5.0 - 5.5
2.0 - 2.9 5.6 - 5.9
3.0 - 3.9 6.0 - 6.9
4.0 - 4.5 7.0 - 7.9
4.6 - 4.9 8.0 - 12.9


Library Resources:


You will need your Library Card Number and P.I.N or a username and password to access the resources below. Mr Plain can assist with creating accounts and username and passwords for services.
Online Reference Library: have your library card to hand to access resources.

Complete Issues [Essential Articles & Fact File]: you need the school username and password to access this service.

IssuesOnline articles, facts and statistics on Social Subjects to assist your class projects.

Please use E-Magazine to access zinio, East Lothian Libraries online magazine service. 
One Click Digital download audio books to PC or Apple device. 
Accelerated Reader Book of the Month use your card number and library P.I.N to reserve title.
Book of the Week use your card number and library P.I.N to reserve title.
Fiction of the Month use your card number and library P.I.N to reserve titles.
Non-Fiction of the Month use your card number and library P.I.N to reserve titles.
Staff, Parent & Carer Monthly Book Suggestions. Past suggestions. Click on titles to reserve using your staff card number and library P.I.N
Carnegie Medal Longlist 2014 use your card number and library P.I.N to reserve.
Scottish Children Book Award Shortlist 12-16 Years.Use your card number and library P.I.N to reserve titles.
Man Booker Shortlist use your card number and library P.I.N to reserve titles.
Child Sequels: find out what is the next title in your favourite series
Who Next? Finished all your favourite author's books, who else writes like them?


"Take someone else's work or idea and pretend it is your own."

Oxford English Dictionary, 6th ed. 2006 

Are you clear on when you are allowed to use someone else's work from internet sites and books? If not take this short quiz on plagiarism from Cardiff University to stay within the law.

Topic Lists:

Please click on the link to view titles to support your studies and interests. To find the location and reserve the title, please click on individual titles. You will need your Young Scot card number and Library P.I.N to reserve titles. Please see Mr Plain if you have lost your card or do not know your Library P.I.N.

Communication Expressive Arts Health & Well Being

Classics: Classical World Buildings; Gladiators; Greek Gods; Heroes and Myths; Latin; Olympic Games (History of); Pompeii; Roman Army; Roman Gods; Heroes and Myths





Art: Art Deco; Art Noveau; Graphic Design; Impressionism; Jewellery Design; Oils; Watercolour





Guidance: Careers; Getting into College, University & Work; Growing Up & Relationships; Healthy Living; School Issues; Smoking

Web Links: My World Of Work; PlanIt Plus; Mid & East Vacancies; UCAS

English: Classic Graphics; Classic Reads; Debates, Presentations & Writing; Grammar; Punctuation; Robert Burns; Shakespeare; Short Stories; Spelling

Suggested Reads: First & Second years; Third & Fourth years; Fifth & Sixth years.

Philip K Dick

Websites: SPL/Burns  NLS/Burns  SCRAN/Burns

Series: Beautiful Dead; Black Ops; Cherub; Cherub 2; Demonata; Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Disgusting Dave; Divergent; Dork Diaries; Edge Chronicles; Gallagher Girls; Goblins; Henderson's Boys; Heroes of Olympus; Hunger Games; Infernal Devices; Kane Chronicles; Larklight; Laura Marlin Mysteries; Luxe; Matched; Medusa Project; Mortal Instruments; Nemesis; Noughts and Crosses; One Dollar Horse; Percy Jackson and the Olympians; Predator Cities; Rock War; Saga of Darren Shan; Sammy Feral; Skulduggery Pleasant; Starcrossed; Striker Boy; Time Riders; White Giraffe; World of Norm; Young Bond; Young Sherlock Holmes

Drama: Acting; Storytelling; Theatre




Home Economics: Bake Off; Cake Decoration; Five a Day; Food Industry; Just Cook; Sewing Bee; World Foods





Modern Languages: France; French Language; Written in the French Language Music: Topic Lists in development Physical Education: Athletics; Badminton; Basketball; Commonwealth Games; Cricket; Cycling; Dancing; Ethics in Sport; Football; Gymnastics; Hockey; Olympic Games; Performance in Sport; Physical Body; Rugby; Running; Swimming;Trampolining; World Cup
Numeracy & Technology Science  Horrible Science Social Subjects
Computing: Topic Lists in development Our Living World: Adaptation, Competition, Classification; Bees; Cells; Disease; Food chain and Life Cycle; Plant Life; Saving the Planet; Your body and Life Cycle Business: Topic Lists in development
Mathematics: Maths Fiction; Maths Non-Fiction; Murderous Maths; Maths Quest; Using Maths; Top Score; Real World Maths Our Material World: Rocks and Minerals; Solar System

Geography: Alternative Energy; Carbon Footprint; Earthquakes; Flood and Tsunami; Maps and Mapping; Population; Scotland; Volcanoes; Weather

Websites: Scotland's Environment


Technology: Topic Lists in development Our Physical World: Energy History: Britain 1850 - Present; Discover History; First World WarHorrible Histories; Local History; Scotland's Past; Second World War; The Cold War; The Holocaust; Twentieth Century Germany; Voyages of Discovery & Exploration
Community Provision: Animals; Magic & Fantasy; Morpurgo   Modern Studies: Brazil; China; India; Political Leaders; Scottish Referendum; U.K Politics; U.S.A; Voting
    RMPS: Belief & Faith; Buddhism; Christianity; Ethics, Morals & Science; Hinduism; Islam; Judaism; Sacred Places; Sikhism; World Religion & it's leaders

External Links:

Edinburgh University Library

Queen Margaret University Library

Scottish Book Trust   Scottish Book Trust: Older Teen Lists   Scottish Book Trust: Younger Teen Book Lists

Scottish Poetry Library

National Library of Scotland