Knox Library

The Knox Academy Library is a place where both pupils and staff can discover new and exciting books, as well as a space for pupils who wish to study free from distraction.

We are proud to be part of the East Lothian Library Service, which means that you can borrow and request a large variety of books from all across East Lothian Libraries.

The Current Librarian is Ms Fry


Common Questions about Knox Library

What kind of books does thee library have? - We have a large range of books in the library for all ages, these include Shorter Reads and Graphic Novels.

I haven’t finished my book yet but it is due back, can I extent it? - Yes you can renew the due date on your book, just ask Ms Fry to do this for you.

Is the Library open at break and lunch? - No, currently the Library is closed during break and lunch.

Can I give a friend my Library Book? - No, any book you borrow is your responsibility to look after, if you want to give a friend a Library book speak to Ms Fry.

I have damaged/lost my book, what do I do? - If you have damaged or lost your book you should speak to Ms Fry to get it sorted, in future you should make sure your books are in a safe place.

I returned my Library book to the shelf, has it been returned? - No, putting a book back onto the shelf is not how you return it, to return a book give it to Ms Fry at the desk or drop it into the returns box.

Can I eat in the Library? - No, both the books and computers can be damaged very easily by eating near them, this rule applies to the vast majority of Libraries

If you have any other questions please pop into the Library and ask Ms Fry.


Pupil Librarian Team

Knox Library is proud to have a group of pupil librarians, who are key to running the library and a vital part of the Knox Library community.

Whether they are sorting books, creating displays, or reviewing and recommending novels, they put the library first and ensure it is always at its best!

If you are interested in joining the team, please talk to Ms Fry in the Library.


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*Please check COVID Restrictions when visiting other Libraries