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Meadowpark News

Published: Fri 11 Oct 2019

On Monday after months of considering, thinking and pondering, Mrs H finally launched her Breakfast Club #WhatWeCanDo #WeCanDoIt . I confess to being a little overwhelmed to see our young people interacting with peers other than those in their classes, eating toast and fruit that they might ordinarily refuse before retreating to their classes to engage in work. The atmosphere in school has been very positive and I genuinely believe the addition of food in the morning has negated the long haul from breakfast at home to break time in school. Read more here...11.10.19

Published: Fri 4 Oct 2019

Pupils and staff continue to make excellent use of our wonderful environment by participating in a Daily Mile. This began with one class recognising the need to be able to move freely after the early morning start and transport to Meadowpark from home. In essence most of our pupils leave their warm cosy homes get into a warm cosy taxi or bus and then came into a warm cosy school – ideal conditions for sleepiness and apathy to creep in. And so the Daily Mile was started. All classes follow their own route, some doubling up but each route is a mile and takes approximately 25 minutes, forming an essential element to our soft start. Read more here...04.10.19 Newsletter

Published: Thu 26 Sep 2019

This is a bumper catch up because last week was a short week in school for me with the holiday Monday and then a SEIC Leadership Workshop on Friday. More of that later.

Staff and pupils continue to make progress across the curriculum with more pupils than ever attending classes in Knox, as well as preparing for wider engagement opportunities including the creation of a community playground. Esk, Leven and Tyne will be attending a Tinker Town project tomorrow in Wallyford. find out more here...27.09.19

Published: Thu 12 Sep 2019

A short but very sweet newsletter this week. I am delighted to hear so much positivity from across the school and the achievements of our young people. This week one pupil managed to make it into a computing class in Knox Academy – the first time he has made it into a class in Knox since 2017. We are immensely proud of him and a huge thank to Mr McSwan for stepping in at the last moment to ensure the class went ahead. This particular young person has built up trust in all staff members and so a massive thanks – and box of chocolates – to them as well, because everything we do is a team effort. Read more here...Newsletter 12.09.19

Published: Fri 6 Sep 2019

Zoolab were with us this morning and informed and delighted with the following animals: Sally the giant African land snail, Gary the fat tailed gecko, Steve the scorpion, Sophie the corn snake, and Raquel the white rat. Almost without exception Meadowpark pupils love animals of all shapes and sizes and as well as a natural curiosity to find out more about habitat and habits, our pupils are extraordinarily empathetic and were keen to understand more about these fabulous creatures. Being able now to refer to this hands on experience will assist in further study in particular SQA Personal Achievement Awards Caring for a Pet. The experience will also inform literacy by reading and writing about the animals and numeracy when we consider temperatures of natural habitats, type and quantity of food and family groups. We have already booked for a repeat visit from Zoolab next September. Read more here...