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Published: Mon 10 Dec 2018

Last week Tyne class enthralled us with knowledge and experience gained from studying The Picts and reminded us of the values of community and respect. This week Esk class have demonstrated their enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of Viking life. Interestingly there are a large number of words created in the Viking tongue that we still use today – and the ones that caught my attention are Whirl, Glitter, Freckles and Beserk which is how I think the next two weeks will pass! Read more here ...Newsletter 10.12.18

Published: Wed 5 Dec 2018

Great to be able to share good news midweek for a wee change :) ... Meadowpark Midweek Update

Published: Fri 30 Nov 2018

To celebrate St. Andrew’s Day today we all attended an assembly from Tyne class this morning who proudly talked us through their IDL project on Scotland and the Picts. Pupils have been fully immersed in this topic and have created a Pictish village; Pictish messages used Ogham script, and discovered where the army settlements could be located. All pupils were able to talk about their project and relate to the Knox Academy values of respect and community identifying that the Picts had a strong sense of community and showed respect to their environment and each other.

I discovered similar values when covering Esk class this week when we explored more about the lives of the Viking race, who contrary to popular myth did not wear horned helmets and wave axes around but were a peaceful, community focused people who loved exploring the ocean, working collaboratively together to develop tools for cooking, storing and preserving food and of course fishing. Read more here...Newsletter 30.11.18

Published: Fri 23 Nov 2018

After much Tweeting since last Friday’s Children in Need I am delighted to report that Meadowpark pupil, staff and visitors raised £166 which is an outstanding achievement #what we can do #wecandoit. Huge thanks to parents who provide sweetie bags and cakes to sell, and for supporting such a worthy cause. Our next venture will be to raise funds for Meadowpark!

Miss Cook was in Meadowpark on Wednesday for a meeting and asked to pop into classes to chat to pupils and staff. We had a serendipitous moment when entering Tyne class. Following an incident last week which had upset a number of pupils, Miss Cook and I walked in to see L explaining through the use of Emotion Works how the situation unravelled, how they felt about things, what was said and by whom and who helped L to feel better. Read more here...

Published: Fri 16 Nov 2018

A bit of a catch up this week as the Meadowpark viral menace had me bed-bound last Friday.

There are a lot of good things to report on though which is exciting. Mrs Davis and I met with Max Sykes from Canon two weeks ago to request cameras to assist with recording and evidencing of activities and research related to SQA Personal Achievement Awards. Max has been a huge support to Meadowpark since we came into existence in 2015 and although hasn’t been directly involved, facilitated Katy Tunstall’s guest appearance in July 2017 with the pupil support team from Knox Academy which was hosted here and was a massive boost to all staff and pupils at the time. The good news is that Max was able to confirm this week that Canon will be generously donating 10 cameras to Meadowpark pupils so that they can express themselves digitally where often the voice becomes a hindrance. We are absolutely thrilled about this and look forward to sharing our story with Max and the team at Canon on how well our pupils progress. Read more here... Meadowpark newsletter