Mental Health and Wellbeing

What is MHWB?

Mental health is something that affects all of us and is a state of well-being that constantly changes in response to how we are feeling at certain points in time. Mental health doesn’t refer solely to mental health disorders as all people, with and without mental health disorders, experience ups and downs during their lifetime. It’s important to recognise when we experience good and bad mental health. A state of poor mental health and wellbeing may find someone struggling to cope with and upkeep things in their life such as relationships, school, work, family etc. It’s important to note that poor mental health doesn’t always come down to a mental health disorder and similarly, having a mental health disorder doesn’t mean someone always struggles to cope with their well-being.

Like physical health, mental health is equally as important for us in order to help us thrive. However, it can be less easy to understand and identify different states of well-being as it isn’t visible and is experienced differently by everyone. There are many resources to help you figure out what you’re feeling and help you understand that what you’re feeling is okay. We’ve provided links to organisations that might be useful in helping you understand and learn more about mental health and well-being as well as mental health disorders that you or others around you might be experiencing. A group of S6 volunteers (the Pupil Mental Health and Well-being Team) have also stepped up to provide pupils with support and more information is provided on this group as well.

There are other things that can help with mental health and well-being that you can do yourself to help cope. Having a support network of others around you who will check in on you every so often as well as being able to rely on you as a support can help you feel more connected to others. Keeping busy is also useful as the more time we spend just thinking the more negative our thoughts become, occupying yourself can prevent this downward spiral. 


What is the Pupil Mental Health and Well-being Team here for?

As S6’s we’ve collectively seen, heard and experienced enough during our time in school to know how difficult it can be to manage mental health on top of everything else in our lives. It can take a lot for someone to step forward and say they need help with something and we want to make sure that our fellow pupils have a place they can turn to for support and advice when they need the help.

As students it can be difficult to deal with school when things are worrying you or causing upset and stress and we hope that this group can be a place for people to express these situations without a fear of judgement so they can deal with the matters affecting them. 

It can be difficult to tell adults about these things which is why we decided to bridge the gap between pupils and the school and help other students feel like they are being heard and accepted within the school. If you feel like you ever need to talk to someone, whether you believe it’s serious or not, we will listen and do what we can to help you out. By talking openly about mental health and well-being we hope to reduce stigma and make things easier for young people.

Our contact email is: 

You can simply send us an email that tells us as much or as little about your situation as you want it to and we will pass it on to one of our volunteers who will contact you and provide support for you.

We also have a Twitter page that will be used to share our own information as well as information from mental health organisations. Our Twitter handle is:  


Our volunteers

Hannah Wylie:

I’m Hannah, I think Mental Health is something that is extremely important and needs to be focused on within and out with school. Isla and I have worked hard to ensure that this group is available to everyone, as we want pupils within the school to feel that there is support available to them.

Mental Health and finding ways to support people around me has always been a priority and studying psychology last year increased my interest and knowledge, that along with my own personal experiences made this such an important focus. I am also interested in dancing and music and find them to be outlets that I can use to deal with how I feel without putting it into words which can sometimes be an easier way to deal with how you are feeling.


Isla Pirie:

I’m Isla, a 6th year at Knox. Me and Hannah have been working on this group for a while as we both felt it was important to bring more support into the school. I’m taking part in this group because I want people to feel as though they have a place to go to when situations are getting the better of them without feeling as though they need to approach adults first. 

I have a lot of interest in psychology and mental health that I grew an understanding of by watching films and shows. I also enjoy music and art and I see them as useful ways to be expressive as well as a way to take my mind off of stressful things.


Eleanor Luckett:

My name is Eleanor, a 6th year at Knox. I wanted to be a part of the MHWB group because I know that having somebody who wasn't a teacher to talk to about things with earlier in school would have been really useful to me. I hope that I can help someone through this program and be part of something that will continue in Knox long after I have left.

My favourite school subject is Biology but I also enjoy French and English. I have a few creative hobbies like baking and writing. I spend a lot of time listening to music or podcasts. I especially like podcasts about science or psychology, as well as comedy ones.


Samantha McEwan:

I’m Samantha. I want to help bring this group together to leave something positive for upcoming years to take over and help bring all year groups together. Mental Health is important to me personally and after this past year I know a lot of people could really do with having someone to talk to or to just listen. I know talking to adults is something a lot of people struggle with and so hopefully this group will allow people to feel they have a place to be open and talk about things that are troubling them or they are going through. 

I enjoy helping people and have a love for social science. I strongly believe that you don’t always have to talk and sometimes expressing yourself through music, art,sport or writing etc can be more effective for some people. I’m here for anyone struggling with anything.


Emily Flockhart:

Hi, my name is Emily, and my pronouns are she/her :) 

I'm an S6 and this year I'm studying Italian, English, RMPS and Mental Health and Wellbeing! I’ve always been very interested in psychology, and how we deal with mental health. I’m really glad that we have the opportunity to provide somewhere that pupils can reach out to for support, especially given the current situation.

In my free time you can find me making music playlists for anything and everything, reading, or trying to watch too many shows at once. As well as this group, I'm a member of the LGBTQ+ allies group, and before the pandemic, I was one of the presenters of Knox Academy’s show on East Coast FM.


Megan Houston:

Hi, I’m Megan, a 6th year at Knox and I’ve been working in this group along with the other peers involved. I would love to help people with any issues I may have also faced in my school years without having a fear of going to adults who you feel might not understand. I am hoping since we are closer in age to you we can relate and help more without feeling potentially judged or misunderstood. 

I am very keen in Psychology and Home economics as I am trying to expand my education in Home economics in college and university. I personally have and still do struggle with mental health much like everyone does, I hope knowing this piece of information will make you feel more comfortable opening up to us knowing you aren’t alone.