June 2010

Published: 30 June 2010

Over the last year, Knox Academy has once again raised a lot of money for a number of different charities, from local charities like Cash for Kids, to national charities like Cancer Research UK and Children in Need, to international charities like The Red Cross and the Disasters Emergency Committee for Haiti.  In total generous Knox Academy pupils have raised nearly £3,000 for good causes.

Three committees were involved in the organisation of a number of events across the year, ranging from a Talent Show to S6 dressing up and even a Wear it Pink day.  The committees were all made up of S6 pupils who put in a huge amount of effort to ensure everyone could take part and have a fun time while raising money for the charities.  A big thank you has to go to all those S6 pupils who made every fundraiser a success.

 The first event of the year was the Wear it Pink day for Cancer Research’s Breast Cancer Support.  The event was a big success with all year groups being involved, wearing up to 3 items of pink clothing.  At the final count the day raised £595.

The next main fundraiser was for the annual Poppy Appeal.  Knox once again had to request extra poppies as they were very popular and nearly everyone wore a poppy at the Remembrance Assembly.  The silence was observed and Knox can once again be proud of their Remembrance Assemblies.  We raised around £1000.

After Remembrance Day the Charities Committee’s attention turned to Children in Need 2009.  Children in Need becomes an S6-only-zone, as only the S6 take part in the dressing up, along with some members of staff.  The intention was for the S6 to be dressed as children’s characters, however fancy dress can also be an excuse for all sorts of outfits.  One of the most memorable characters was the 3 Sumo wrestlers, they will be remembered for a long time.  The day was a good laugh and raised £560 for a worthy cause.

The annual Christmas Boxes Competition was handed to the Local Charities committee to organise and run this year.  The challenge facing the committee was to pick a theme that everyone could use to design their box.  The theme for 2009 was Disney Christmas.  This produced a few challenges for a number of classes because how could they make a classic Disney film into a Christmas scene, however all the classes managed to tackle their problems and this year every box was well done.  But there could only be one winner and that winner was 6T1, with their box decorated as the Disney castle.  All the Christmas boxes are filled with tins of soup and packets of biscuits.  They are sent out to many of the elderly in the community.  From the sheltered housing to the nursing homes all the Christmas boxes were gratefully received and once again Knox showed the other side of Christmas and remembered to give something back to the local community.  Well done to everyone who took part in the Christmas boxes and for setting such a high standard for next year to beat.

Another deserving recipient of Knox Academy pupil’s money was the poverty stricken country of Haiti.  The earthquake caused massive destruction across the country and Knox, along with the rest of the world, put their hands in their pockets and managed to raise around £700.  This was a fantastic response by the pupils and the charities committee because the whole collection took place less than a week after the disaster occurred.

In the long run down to the February half-term break the school braced itself for a wave of colour to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation’s Wear it Red day the school was filled with red shirts, ties, socks and other pieces of red clothing.  The day was very successful and raised £200 for the British Heart Foundation.

This whole year has been an amazing year for Knox Charities Committee as so many different events were held over the course of the year and so many needy causes have received assistance from the generosity of Knox’s pupils so really the Charities Committees have the pupils and staff to thank because without their generosity the money couldn’t have been raised and many worthwhile causes wouldn’t have benefitted.  So on behalf of the Charities Committees we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated over the year and who took part in the events to make this year such a success.


Roddy Coull and Aidan Lindsay (both 6T1)
on behalf of the Charities Committee

Published: 29 June 2010

Knox Academy is pleased to announce the following S6 Leadership positions for Session 2010-2011.

Head Boy: Andrew Gilmour  6G
Head Girl: Robyn Szymoszowskyj  6T

Deputy Head Boy: Iain Trotter  6G
Deputy Head Girl: Megan McCafferty  6L


Published: 25 June 2010

The SQA examination results are due to be issued to pupils on 5 August 2010.  We hope that all our pupils receive the results that they deserve, but are aware that examination results may result in the desire to change subjects or levels within a subject.

In order to assist with this process Guidance staff will be in school on Thursday 12 August.  Further information including subjects and the columns that they are timetabled in will appear on the school website at the start of July.


Published: 23 June 2010

This Friday (25 June 2010) Knox Academy pupils enter the polling station to decide their School Council Representatives, House Captains and Head Boy and Head Girl, for session 2010-2011.

Knox Academy has been very busy this week with each candidate campaiging for votes.  Posters have been placed around the school and support badges issued to pupils.  It is all very exciting and cumulates in the School Council election throughout the day on Friday.

On Thursday 24 June, all pupils are invited to come along to the Assembly Hall at lunchtime to hear speeches from the candidates.

Votes will be counted and interviews held, with new Leadership Team announced before the end of term on Thursday 1 July.

Several candidates have expressed the wish to publicise their manifestos on the school website. These can be viewed here in the School Council section.


Published: 17 June 2010

On Wednesday 19 May, four pupils from Knox Academy each paired up with two Primary 6 pupils from Knox Academy’s cluster schools for the heat of the “Little and Large” cooking competition.

Contestants were required to make a pasta dish and a tasty Angel Delight crunch. The winners were Ben Nisbet from Knox, with Emily and Claire from Kings Meadow Primary School. They were then able to progress to the finals on Thursday 17 May where they faced teams from Ross High, Preston Lodge and Musselburgh Grammar.

In the final, the teams were given the choice of cooking dishes from China, India, Mexico or Italy and for desert, a chocolate pizza decorated with fruit. The Knox Academy and Kings Meadow Team decided they would choose the Indian plate. After chopping, stirring, burning, washing and serving up, it was time for the judging to begin.

The judges who had been monitoring our progress throughout the cooking time tasted our dishes. Once each dish had been sampled they gave us the results. Everyone was congratulated and told how well each team had done.

The winner was then announced: Knox Academy and Kings Meadow had been successful! They had won! The team were all very happy about their results. They received a trophy to keep for the year and a smaller plaque for the schools.

The competition had been so close. A judge later told us that if she had been served the winning dish in a restaurant, she would have been very pleased.

The event was an incredible success and everybody had fun cooking and creating.


Ben Nisbet 3G1 / (New) 4G1

Published: 14 June 2010

Knox Academy is pleased to announce that a vacancy has arisen for another enthusiastic member of staff to join us in our Drama Department.

This permanent post (Teacher of Drama) will commence from August 2010.

All East Lothian vacancies are now advertised on myjobscotland.

The closing date for applications is Sunday 20 June 2010.


Published: 10 June 2010

Thank you to all the parents/carers who contact Knox before the school day to inform us if their youngster is going to be absent.  Sometimes the telephone lines are very busy and your patience is appreciated.  We also appreciate the letters sent in with pupils when they return to school.

Following a telephone call, pupils are recorded as having a verbal explanation for absence, however a letter from their parent/carer is required before the reason for absence is confirmed.   If absences remain unexplained they will be changed to ‘N’ for ‘unreasonable excuse’ or ‘T’ for “truancy’.

For pupils in receipt of an Educational Maintenance Allowance, absences can affect the payments they receive.

Please help us by:

  • Continuing to contact the school before the school day if your son/daughter is going to be absent (the office is open from 8 am).
  • Sending notes regarding appointments in to school at least one day before the appointment (including child's name and registration class).
  • Sending notes when your child returns to school (including child's name, registration class, dates of absence and reason for absence).
  • The school now accepts absence notes via email.  If you wish to do this please email knoxacademy@knox.elcschool.org.uk with your child’s name and registration class in the subject line.  

Your help is most appreciated.

The Admin Team


Published: 08 June 2010

Stephanie Meyer's novella from the Twilight saga, The short second life of Bree Tanner, is available at £5.99 from Knox Academy's Scholastic webpage. Buying the book from Scholastic gives £1 back to the school library to go towards new books.

Knox Scholastic page can be found at http://clubs-school.scholastic.co.uk/knoxacademy

Cover 2 Cover catalogues have been distributed by English Department Staff to S1/2 pupils, the library holds a supply of catalogues for S3+ pupils.

Closing date for current orders is June 18th 2010.

Your continued support of Knox Academy Library is greatly appreciated


Published: 01 June 2010

A reminder that the current S5 (new S6) return from Study Leave on Tuesday 8 June 2010.

All pupils in the new S6 are expected to attend school at 08:44 am for their Induction Day.