November 2010

Published: 05 November 2010

Standard Grade Religious Studies pupils travelled down to St Mary's Church in Haddington recently to see the Church as part of their Christianity course. 

Jennifer MacRae, the Minister there gave a short talk on the Church and the rites of passage which happen there, mainly Christenings, Weddings and Funerals.  This followed up her visit to the class where she spoke about what it means to be a Christian and her role as a Minister in the community.  She was fantastic about fielding some tricky questions from pupils. 

Although it was a flying visit, pupils were given the opportunity to look around the Church and ask questions.  All in all, an enjoyable wee trip.

Mrs Montgomery

Published: 04 November 2010

The Ecolife event held on Thursday 4 November was a great success.  Special thanks go to Mrs Slowther, Miss Ward and Dr Wilson from the Biology Department, for all their hard work and dedication in organising such a wonderful evening.


A reminder that the Ecolife event takes place tonight 7 pm - 9 pm.  Entrance for a fantastic evening £3.  Knox Pupils are entitled to free entry.

Further details can be found here.

Published: 04 November 2010

Knox Academy are holding a Breast Cancer Awareness Day on Friday 5 November.

Please help support this cause by wearing items of pink. 

No more than 3 items of pink may be worn.  To wear items of pink we are asking for donations of £1 to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

S6 pupils will be visiting classes during the morning to collect donations and to sell merchandise to support the cause eg badges and bracelets.

Published: 03 November 2010

The PE Department would like to announce a competition as part of an advertising campaign, to encourage pupils in all year groups to bring and wear PE kit.

Pupils are encouraged to design a poster (details below) and return their creation to their PE teacher by Thursday 18 November 2010.

The Task: to create a poster on A4 paper.

The poster should include the following:

  • Your name and class.
  • Title: ‘Kit Fit’ (this must be included on the poster).
  • PE kit required: trainers; tracksuit or jogging trousers or shorts; a collared or round neck t-shirt; outdoor top.
  • The poster can also have a slogan/poem/statement about bringing PE kit.
  • Artwork: The poster can be hand drawn; painted; designed on computer.

The best posters will be presented on the display boards in the PE corridor as part of the advertising campaign to encourage all pupils to bring and wear their PE kit.