February 2016

Published: 26 February 2016

World book day is on Thursday 3 March. Your English teacher will give you more information regarding events, tokens and competitions.

Published: 26 February 2016

Any pupil aged 16 and above is eligible to vote in Scottish elections,  If you have not already registered to vote, please bring your National Insurance number to school on Tuesday 1 March because there will be an opportunity to register as Electoral Register staff will be in school to help you.

Published: 22 February 2016

Groupcall registration forms were issued to all pupils before the holidays.  In order to fully implement the system it is essential we receive returns from every individual.

Groupcall is a system that will notify you if your child is absent from school and other important messages.


Published: 13 February 2016

Dunbar are holding their Annual SciFest  between Friday 4 March 2016 and Sunday 13 March 2016. For more information visit their website.

Published: 09 February 2016

Details can be found below for current pupils being presented for an Award in National 5 or Higher Administration & IT this session.

National 5 - Administration & IT

The N5 Administration & IT course is assessed through 100% Coursework Assignment.  This is effectively an 'exam' and is carried out over 4 hours (on a 2x2 basis).  The current S4 will complete this assignment on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 March 2016.

As pupils are aware this is earlier than the SQA Examination diet in May 2016 and they must ensure that they are fully prepared for this assessment which is externally marked by the SQA.  Every day after-school pupils have the opporutnity for additional support, subject to speaking with their class teacher to arrange.  In addition to this on Friday 11 March 2016 there will be the opportunity for an afternoon revision session (until 4 pm) for 'last minute' revision.

When pupils receive their Benchmarking results this week they will be asked to think about an 'action plan' (a template will be provided) to improve their potential result to the highest possible Grade that they are capable of achieving.  Often a lack of proof-reading results in unnecessary marks being lost.  Pupils must be aware of the timescales involved and not leave preparation to the final moments.

Higher - Administration & IT

The Higher Administration & IT course is assessed through 70% Coursework Assignment, and a 30% Exam in May 2016 during the SQA diet.  As with National 5, the Higher Coursework Assignment is effectively an 'exam'. The current S5/S6 will complete this on Monday 21 March 2016 over 2 hours.

Pupils should (as with all subjects) be reflecting on what went well, and what could be improved from their Benchmarking Assessments.  It is vital that pupils work on areas of difficulty at this 'early' stage and do not leave this to the last minute.  However on Friday 18 March 2016, there will be the opportunity of an extended revision session (until 4 pm) for additional practice and final questions and support.  As with National 5, every day after-school, pupils can receive further support as required by arrangement.  This is an ideal opportunity for one-2-one support for advice and help on specific areas of the practical work.

Pupils must be aware of the timescales involved and not leave preparation to the final moments.


For pupils at both National 5 and Higher Level, the Final Grade awarded will be reflective of the commitment put into the preparation before the date of the assignments.

Published: 01 February 2016

Self found forms and the letter of understanding (essential reading for employers!) are now available on the Work Experience page.  If you are in S3 and are organising your own placement for June 6th - June 10th you can print off a copy for yourself or download it to your computer and send it electronically to your potential employer.