November 2016

Published: 13 November 2016

Isaac Ingram and his sister Daisy (P7 Yester) overcame lots of nerves to present in front of an audience of more than a hundred children, teachers and UK space agency people at the Principia schools conference at York University. The event was run like a real academic science conference with children giving talks and presenting posters. It was a fantastic experience for them both.

Their talk was about the SonicPi music coding competition that Isaac won in April and how he then went on to write a workshop and test it out with Daisy, to teach her some coding so she could compose her own music. He then talked about the lesson he ran for his 2L1 class at Knox. They both presented their talk very well, remaining calm and confident and receiving lots of questions from interested children at the end. They met and spoke with Tim Peake who said he'd really enjoyed hearing Isaac's tune in space! Tim gave time to every child and young person at the event, around 500 of them, as well as giving a keynote speech about his mission.

On the second day of the conference they enjoyed a range of workshops and demos about space and technology research and careers, including workshops on the Microbit, RaspberryPi/AstroPi and a talk about the National Space Academy experiments that Tim Peake completed in the ISS. They also got to explore the university campus to see what it's like studying there.


Published: 05 November 2016

Knox Academy is pleased to invite applications for the following vacancy:

Closing Date: Sunday 20 November 2016

Published: 03 November 2016

The new Food Court Menu for October 2016 - April 2016 is now available online.