March 2019

Published: 18 March 2019

We have been working with pupils, parents and staff reviewing our approaches to recognition of achievement and the House profiles. Information on how to vote is at the bottom of this article...

House Tie
From these discussions it has been agreed to move forward with a House tie, which will immediately link the pupil with their House and will form part of our school uniform from session 2020/2021.

All pupils should vote for either Option A (thick band) or Option B (thin band).

Achievement Tie
The Achievement ties will be awarded for a significant piece of work, winning awards, representing teams over the seasons and also for ‘diligence in their school work over the year’. 

The Achievement ties use a gold band combined with the relevant House colour.

BGE ties will have a single gold band, while Senior ties will have a double/thicker gold band.

For this vote choose either A1/A2 or B.

How to Have Your Say

  • Pupils will be asked to express their opinion in Registration Class votes. 
  • Parents/Carers are encouraged to respond to the Twitter Polls (House Tie Poll | Achievement Tie Poll) to show their preferences.
  • Staff and community partner votes also welcome!

The House ties use Lammerlaw as an example, while the Achievement ties use Traprain as the example.

Published: 18 March 2019

It’s been three months since the Best Start Pregnancy Payment was introduced and the Scottish Government has launched a national advertising campaign to encourage take-up of this grant. Adverts are appearing on radio, outdoor advertising and in social media.

Parents or carers in receipt of a qualifying benefit or tax credit can apply from the 24th week of pregnancy up until their child is 6 months old. A one-off cash payment of £600 is available for a first child then £300 for each younger sibling to help cover some of the costs of having children.

To find out more visit their website or phone the Freephone helpline 0800 182 2222.

Published: 18 March 2019

This is an opportunity for parents, carers and guardians of LEAPS-eligible S5 pupils to come and find out more about the support LEAPS can offer a student who is planning to apply to higher education in S6, as well as providing the chance to speak to university admissions staff and SAAS about higher education options and funding via an exhibition. 

This evening will take place on Wednesday 27 March 2019 from 7-9 pm at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh Campus, Riccarton).

Students are also very welcome to attend.

Find out more information about this event and register at the LEAPS Parents Website.

What is LEAPS?

LEAPS is a widening participation programme which aims to encourage and advise students who are traditionally under-represented in higher education. We support young people in South East Scotland, raising aspirations and providing impartial advice about higher education. We currently work with 59 schools throughout South East Scotland, supporting pupils who match LEAPS eligibility criteria.

Published: 15 March 2019

School session dates have now been published by East Lothian Council for Session 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.

Downloadable documents are available on our website: School Info > Session Dates

Published: 14 March 2019

The Mathematics Department has been using Mathletics since December to set home learning tasks and also promote independent learning. So far, results look positive with increasing usage, engagement and improvement.

All parents/carers can create a parent account which they can use to monitor their child's progress. You can create this account using the steps found in this parent letter. ​You will need your child's  login details to create the account.

Published: 11 March 2019

S2 parents night will see the start of our Dress Code Donations. There will be a box next to the tea/coffee table for anyone who has any dress code they no longer need/have grown out of. We will accept official Knox Academy branded items and also clean additional dress code items. Please help us to protect the environment and support our school community, all donations are gratefully received and the box will be present at parent's nights from now on.

Anyone who has anything they would like to donate outwith S2 Parent's Night please feel free to hand in anything to be given to Miss McBride or Miss Laudi.  

Published: 10 March 2019

Maths Department Masterclasses continue this week. So at lunchtime or after school we have:

  • Solving Trig Equations for National 5; and
  • Composite and Inverse Functions for Higher.

In addition we are running our second Friday afternoon study session from 12.30-1.30pm this week.

  • National 5 will focus on quadratic equations and graphs (factorised form) in Mr Wren's room; and
  • Higher will focus on Area under a curve/ between two curves in Mr Tait's room.

Click here to view the timetable of masterclasses up until Study Leave.

Published: 05 March 2019

Details of arrangements for the end of the Spring Term and start of the Summer Term are contained within this letter from our Head Teacher.

Published: 04 March 2019

If you have not already handed in your passport to be photocopied please does so as a matter of urgency. The deadline has now passed. Thank you to those of you who have already came to speak to me if there are unable to do this at the moment, please see Miss McBride is there are any issues at all with this.

Published: 04 March 2019

Last call for all clothing letters - these must be with Miss McBride at the very latest by Friday 8 March.

Published: 04 March 2019

This week's revision is as follows;

  • NATIONAL 5: Simultaneous Equations
  • HIGHER: Differentiate/ Integrate Trig. Functions

In addition we also have our first Friday afternoon study session from 12.30-2pm. The National 5 Masterclass will focus on factorising/ completing the square and the Higher will focus on Double Angle & Addition Formulae.


Click here to view the timetable of masterclasses up until Study Leave.

Mr Blair


Published: 02 March 2019

Knox Academy is pleased to invite applications for the following vacancy:

Closing Date: Sunday 17 March 2019

All current and previous vacancies can be viewed within our Recruitment section of our website.