General News

Published: 18 December 2017

I want to make you all aware about and invite you along to a whole school event (S1-S6) on Monday 29th January 2018, 6 - 8pm, at Knox Academy. This will be a Careers Evening where various businesses and further education providers will be hosting stalls for parents and pupils to discuss career paths and opportunities. There will be something for everyone!

The Evening is being organised by our Pupil Learning Team, Parent Council and DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) to support our efforts to foster an ethos of ambition; one of our Four Key Priorities. The Event is also being held just before our first set of coursing starts.

If you intend on attending, please can you complete this short form (click here) which will help us in our planning.

Mr C Blair

Published: 15 December 2017

We have had a very exciting week this week giving and receiving.
Our very own Santa, Mark Coull from Strive/Men in Sheds and the effervescent Kelly Clarke from Loose Parts Play visited us on Wednesday with a giant tumbling tower set, outdoor dominoes, a storage box and a table and benches set! Read more here...15.12.17_meadowpark.pdf.

Published: 14 December 2017

A new strategy that commits schools to supporting and engaging parents in their children’s education was launched by East Lothian Council this week.  Pupils have received a paper copy of this policy in an A5 booklet during registration this week.

The Parental Engagement Strategy 2017-2020 aims to ensure that that all parents and carers are encouraged and supported to engage as partners in their children’s learning, and to become involved in the life of the school. The strategy also ensures that it can continue to build on good practice and create further opportunities for our parents and schools to work together. Its publication follows consultation with and collaboration between parents, teachers and key education officers and approval at the June meeting of the council’s Education committee. The strategy will be reviewed every four years in line with parental engagement legislation.

The core aims of the strategy are to ensure that parents and carers:

  • Are made to feel welcome and included
  • Are engaged with their children’s learning
  • Are communicated with in a variety of ways
  • Are able to contribute to Family Learning opportunities
  • Are able to access support
  • Are encouraged to participate in Parent Council meetings and Forums

Fiona Robertson, Head of Education at East Lothian Council, said:

“I would like to thank all the parents, Head Teachers and council officers who have worked together to create this strategy. We believe that fostering positive partnerships between parents and schools is absolutely key to securing the best outcomes for our children and young people, and this policy demonstrates the council’s commitment to helping all parents and carers to be engaged at a level that is right for them.”

Shamin Akhtar, Cabinet Spokesperson for Education and Children’s Services, said:

“The Parental Engagement Strategy isn’t just about making sure that parents feel welcomed and included in the life of the school, it’s also about making sure that schools make the involvement of parents a priority. Research proves that meaningful parental engagement leads to greater success for our children and young people and is incredibly important in improving better attendance, behaviour and learning. By working together we can make a real difference.”

View the full policy - East Lothian: Parental Engagement Strategy 2017

Link to East Lothian Council's news article

Published: 10 December 2017

Knox Academy is pleased to invite applications for the following vacancies:

Closing Date: Sunday 17 December 2017

Closing Date: Friday 22 December 2017

Published: 08 December 2017

Christmas decorations have begun to appear in Meadowpark as excitement slowly begins to build, not only for Christmas Day itself but for the holiday season. Pupils and staff have worked so hard this term and have shown incredible resilience, determination and cooperation ... read more here  08.12.17_meadowpark.pdf.

Published: 01 December 2017

I can hardly believe that in 3 weeks we will be breaking for the Christmas holidays. There is still much to be done in terms of the curriculum and planning, and we have a few birthdays to celebrate... read more here Meadowpark Newsletter 01.12.17

Published: 29 November 2017

The school has received a query concerning St Andrew's Day. We would like to reassure parents/carers (and pupils) that we will be operating as normal tomorrow, Thursday 30 November 2017. 

All holidays can be viewed either on the school calendar or the Session Dates document for 2017/2018.

Published: 28 November 2017

A consultation letter has been published by the Scottish Government regarding the content of a new Education Bill which will empower schools and strengthen the role of parents.    For the full letter please follow this link.  

Published: 26 November 2017

East Lothian Council is committed to creating and sustaining a safe, positive and inclusive environment where respect is shown to and is given by all of its children, young people, staff and parents/carers.  Positive relationships are central to developing and maintaining inclusive environments.

An updated Anti-Bullying Policy entitled "Respect for All" is now available.

Published: 24 November 2017

Have you considered volunteering?  Some great reasons to volunteer if you are able can be viewed in the links below.

Parents/Carers: The ongoing social, academic and emotional success of our pupils relies heavily on the amazing network of parents and carers. Volunteering at Knox Academy could be the key to success (for us all!). You might think you don’t have anything to offer, or that someone else is better fit to volunteer their time. We can achieve anything within the community with committed volunteers.

Pupils: Volunteer work presents a great opportunity for you to prepare for the future – whatever that may entail. It helps develop community both within Knox and the wider Haddington area. Developing leadership skills boosts Confidence, Organisation skills and your Employability. High school students who volunteer have an advantage over their peers when headed off to the work place, University or College