General News

Published: 21 May 2020

In order to start the new timetable as we mean to go on, we would like to share the following “Engagement Expectations” with you. 

Remember to keep in touch with your teachers, and submit some work for feedback. We are all here to help you so please ask.

Published: 18 May 2020

The quality and variety of activities being posted by Meadowpark teachers is inspiring and reflects the climate of learning just now, with Health and Wellbeing very much at the heart of all we do. Meadowpark pupils were due to be involved in Activities Week had we been in school, but as an alternative we had virtual trips to:

Read more here...Newsletter 18.05.2020

Published: 13 May 2020

As the new session approaches it is important to remind everyone about our expectations in relation to school uniform. Knox Academy is very proud of its tradition of school uniform and the wearing of it helps promote the sense of community within the school, our wider community and create that feeling of ‘belonging’. Alongside ‘Respect’ and ‘Ambition’, ‘Community’ is one of our school values and it is hoped our young people wear the Knox Academy uniform with pride.

Full details can be found in our School Uniform Letter issued in May 2020.

Published: 08 May 2020

Staff and pupils continue to use the Google Classroom platform to engage with classwork and with each other and the frequency and quality of engagement has increased as the weeks go by. This week has been particularly difficult with a short week sandwiched between two long weekends, but this has not created a barrier to learning and interaction.

During the course of our staff meeting we all agreed that, moving forward, there is much that can be learned from our enforced learning curve of all things G-Suite and the long term benefits that this will have on pupils who might need to work alone for short periods, and who can engage more effectively with mainstream subjects in Knox Academy. more here...08.05.2020

Published: 08 May 2020

Friday 8 May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day when World War II came to an end. Following public consultation it was designated as an additional day’s holiday in East Lothian recognising families’ desire to commemorate this historic occasion. While the current Covid restrictions mean that gatherings or services are not possible, there are still ways to mark the occasion in a safe and socially distanced way.

While our commemorations may be different to previous years, and to those that were originally envisaged, they will be no less heartfelt and sincere.

The Royal British Legion has published a timetable of activities for the day itself where the nation can commemorate VE Day within the current guidelines including a 2 minute silence at 11 am and a doorstep ‘Toast to the Nation’ at 3 pm.

PoppyScotland’s website has some great ideas and resources if families wish to talk to their children about VE Day or undertake any learning as part of it.

For more information have a look on East Lothian Council's website.

Published: 08 May 2020

Colleagues in Library Services have set up a virtual exercise challenge to walk the John Muir Way.

What do you need to do? 

  • Achieve the required number of steps during the month of May by walking up & down the stairs, walking around the house, walking on the spot or during your daily exercise (following social distancing requirements).
  • Each participant should decide how to engage in the Virtual John Muir Way challenge according to their own fitness levels & health conditions. Please only take part in this challenge if you are fit to do so.

Which part of the challenge would you like to complete?
Choose to complete the whole route or just part of the route:

  • Dunbar to North Berwick - 31680 steps
  • Dunbar to Prestonpans - 45408 Steps
  • Dunbar to Edinburgh - 66528 steps
  • Dunbar to South Queensferry - 99264 steps
  • Dunbar to Falkirk - 146784 steps
  • Dunbar to Stathblane - 201696 steps
  • Dunbar to Helensburgh - 283008 steps

*Please note that the number of steps are approximate.

 At the end of May certificates will be available for you to download from the East Lothian Library Services Facebook page.

Let us know how you are getting on with the challenge. Comment on social media using the hashtag #JohnMuirWayVirtualChallenge and mention or take part in discussion posts. 

Library Services will also be posting motivational posts and highlighting appropriate resources throughout the course of the challenge. Follow on Facebook for updates.


Published: 07 May 2020

Starting on Tuesday 19 May 2020, the new S2-S6, will also follow a Remote Learning Timetable based on their learner pathway choices and may have some new teachers in their Google Classrooms.

The school will be in touch soon (by email) with all learners in S3-S6 to remind them of their subject choices in readiness for their new timetable so they are sure of the subjects they should be studying.  The timetable each day has been based around 3 hours 45 minutes of study, or 5 blocks of 45 minutes, as in the feedback from pupils and parents/carers this was highlighted as the optimum amount of remote learning most young people were able to access in a day and commit to on a regular basis, and for those sharing IT resources, allowed a school day to be ‘shared’.

If young people wish to do more than this they can, and there will be extension tasks and research projects they can undertake and they should discuss this with their teachers to ensure it is pertinent to them.

Remote Learning Timetable (PDF)

Published: 06 May 2020

Many S6 Students have been asking what will happen to their Edubuzz account and data over the coming months.

Normal practice is to email all S6 Students in the summer to tell them their accounts will be closed down during the October break. This is to give students a chance to go through the university clearing process. A second reminder is sent in September, and the accounts are then suspended in October. Shortly after this, the accounts are deleted, but for the Class of 2020 this will not be until Education have assured that it is safe to do so as SQA Evidence may be within the accounts.

The following is action is suggested to retain your data:

  1. Stop directly interacting with your Edubuzz Account and sharing this email address with others
  2. Setup forwarding on your Edubuzz account to be notified of future incoming email and change email addresses on other accounts/services
  3. Download your data with the Google Takeout Service:
  4. See below for a new option available in addition this year

A new feature now exists which allows you to 'merge' your Edubuzz account with your 'personal' Google account. This has been tried by one member of the Class of 2020 with positive reviews. It will transfer your Google Docs and emails into your own account so you can retain a copy (within the actual account).  If you do this, you should still follow Step 1-3 above. Transfer your data using:  It would be good if you could email a thumbs up if this works for you too!

Published: 06 May 2020

All Knox Academy staff have been working hard to ensure that learning can take place while the school is closed. The priority for all our young people is their own health, and that of their family.  Our second Home Learning Tasks Booklet is now available (along with work on GoogleClassroom) to support learning as often as you like, and for as long as you feel appropriate.

Our timetable will change on 19 May 2020, and we will be in touch regarding new GoogleClassrooms and course choices for those moving up the school in due course.  However, this work is designed to support learning through a variety of activities in the coming weeks, right up until the school holidays. 

Paper copies of this document can be collected from our hub at Haddington Primary School and from Haddington Tesco starting from Monday 11 May 2020.  There will also be a supply of stationery available should you require extra to complete work without a computer.

Our first Home Learning Tasks Booklet and the Parental Guide to GoogleClassroom can be found in our news archive.

We will still be uploading work onto GoogleClassroom and would encourage all learners to log in as regularly as possible, and ensure that they are in communication with their Pupil Support Leader at least weekly.  Register teachers are also in the process of creating GoogleClassrooms so look out for these new codes too.

As always, if we can help in any way then please just ask.

Take care of yourselves and our community,

Mrs Clubb
Depute Head Teacher

Published: 01 May 2020

I am delighted to report that 83% of pupils are actively engaging with Google Classroom – some more frequently than others but what is reassuring is that it allows teachers to perform a remote ‘wellbeing scan’. The introduction of weekly Class Meets is proving to be a focal point for seeing each other and sharing some of the best – and trickier parts of the week. Of those remaining 7% who are struggling to engage with Google Classroom all pupils are engaging with some form of learning and there has been contact with or about all pupils since Easter holidays. Read more here...Newsletter 01.05.2020