General News

Published: 30 August 2019

Sitting where I do in my office near the front door at Meadowpark my curiosity is often piqued when the bell goes and I wonder who our visitor might be. Most often it is one of our pupils returning form the daily mile or a shopping expedition, who has marched ahead of their group and pressed the bell several times enjoying the sound sensory feedback from the ringing, waiting in anticipation for the door to open as if by magic now that we have a remote access button. We have cottoned on to this though and the safety rule is that pupils do not enter the building without the adult in charge and so in spite of their endeavours the young person will be asked to wait. Read more here...Newsletter 30.08.19

Published: 27 August 2019

If you haven't received your payment letter these are now available from Mrs Cochrane or on the website.

Published: 26 August 2019

On Friday, we launched the Activities Week programme to all our S3 cohort. A letter was sent home with an overview of all the trips on offer.  We hope that with the large variety on offer here, there will be something for everyone.  All trips have a residential aspect except the Sailing week which will come home each night.

As stated in the letter, financial support may be available and if this is something you wish to know more about please tick the sheet when returning it with the choices for a trip and we will get back in touch. The deadline for the letters to be returned with choices is Friday 6 September 2019. Beyond this date, we aim to organise the groups as quickly as possible and then individual trip leaders will be in touch with specific details about the trip and payment plans etc.

As always, we cannot guarantee attendance on any trip, and if trips are not fully subscribed they may not run. Equally, some trips are limited in numbers and if these are oversubscribed we will pull names out of a hat. In these cases, second or third choices will be used.  We have encouraged all the S3s to think about what interests them rather than planning a trip away with their friends, as we are confident that there will be lots of opportunities to make new friends whichever trip they decide to take part in.

The benefits of trips such as these are well documented and we hope they build confidence in our learners, build social skills and are a really enjoyable way to learn outside of the classroom environment.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with myself or any of the trip leaders.

A Clubb
Depute Head Teacher


Additional documents related to Activities Week 2020 will be available on the Activities Week page of the school website as details are confirmed across the year.

Published: 23 August 2019

Please may we ask for your co-operation in this important matter.

One of our pupils is receiving medical treatment for cancer/leukaemia that puts them at risk from measles, chicken pox and shingles. If they come into contact with anyone suffering from these conditions the pupil requires to be given some protection against them. Unfortunately this needs to be given within 72 hours of the contact. 

We would ask therefore that if your child develops, measles, chicken pox, or shingles that you inform us immediately so that appropriate action may be taken.

Your child is not at any risk from this situation, however, the health of our pupil does depend on your co-operation in this matter.

Published: 20 August 2019

I hope you all had a lovely summer break and it has been wonderful to welcome the young people back to school.

As you may be aware, Knox Academy’s school values were agreed two years ago through consultation. These values are: Ambition, Respect and Community (ARC)

The next step is to develop a whole school vision and I am inviting parents/carers, pupils, staff and community partners to give their views so that our vision truly is a joint one.  Our overall vision will focus on what we would like all our young people to achieve over the next 5-10 years at Knox Academy. I would therefore like to ask all parents/carers to complete a very quick questionnaire (one question) to help develop our vision.

Pupils, staff and community partners will also be completing the same questionnaire so that the vision truly is a joint one. 

Please can you complete this questionnaire by 7 September 2019 at very latest. 

Thank you very much for your support and helping to lead our school forward.

Sue Cook
Head Teacher

Published: 16 August 2019

I hope you all had a relaxing a peaceful summer. Although the weather wasn’t quite what we experienced in 2018 there were plenty of good days to be out and about to enjoy local attractions for those who weren’t venturing further afield.

I spent my holiday in Scotland – both at home in East Lothian and North in Applecross. The changeable weather meant that for once I was able to tackle some severely outstanding de-cluttering inside and when the sun shone focussed my attentions outside in the garden.

On Wednesday I could hardly believe I was uttering that immortal phrase ‘My haven’t you grown?’ as pupils entered into the playground, some more hesitantly than others, all with a smile on their faces, and without a doubt everyone had increased in height by a good 2-3 inches. Read more here...Newsletter 16.08.19

Published: 10 August 2019

Knox Academy is pleased to invite applications for the following vacancy:

Closing Date: Sunday 18 August 2019

All current and previous vacancies can be viewed within our Recruitment section of our website.

Published: 16 July 2019

You can now apply for Education Maintenance Allowance for the academic year 2019/20. EMA is a weekly £30 payment for young people 16-19 in full-time education or undertaking an activity agreement.

Further details are available on the East Lothian Council website.

Published: 28 June 2019

Well we got here and what an incredible year of achievements it has been.

All of our young people have been kayaking, and participated in Masterclasses in German, Community Art and Outdoor Learning.

They have planned, shopped for and cooked delicious meals and produced home baking in the Food Court and Life Skills Flat.

More cakes and buns have been lovingly made for fund-raising activities: Autism Awareness, Cash for Kids and Meadowpark Funds. Read more sucess stories here...Meadowpark Matters

Published: 27 June 2019

Two additional in-service days have been granted for session 2019/2020 as part of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers’ pay negotiations.

The dates for these are: Tuesday 22 October 2019 and Tuesday 7 January 2020. Pupils will not attend school on these dates.  

All school holidays for session 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 can be viewed on East Lothian Council’s website and on our website under Session Dates.