General News

Published: 25 April 2019

At the end of February S2 Learning Conversations took place and reports followed. In the Mathematics Department we issued each learner with their Assessment Profile (example here) and a Learning Journey grid. The Assessment Profile included information on progress so far and details of how you can support your young person.

Here is our plea:

Home-School partnership is crucial to raising attainment and we really need your help so please keep encouraging your young person to work through their Learning Journey grids and sign each block when you have checked their work. 

The electronic copy of the Learning Journey (with links to video tutorials and exercises) is on Show My Homework but can also be accessed here.

Learning Conversations and Targets are often seen as "one off  things" that are not returned to. Assessment Profiles and Learning Journeys (alongside weekly Curriculum Quizzes and Mathletics tasks) are our attempt at:

  • helping our learners realise the power of regular retrieval practice;
  • knowing where they 'are' with their learning ;
  • progressing their learning with effective revision (not everyone knows how to revise Maths/ know where to begin); and
  • developing good study habits.


Published: 24 April 2019

Home to school transport changes for the common school day will be published on 20 May 2019. The reason for this is to stop any confusion with the existing routes/services and link with the new bus pass programme. Any questions can be directed to East Lothian Council Transport Services.

Published: 24 April 2019

A letter was sent home to S3 pupils this morning to invite parents/carers to our BGE Graduation Ceremony at 11 am on Friday 31 May 2019.

At this event we will celebrate our S3 pupils' achievements during their first three years at Knox Academy. The move from S3 to S4, or to the Senior Phase, is a very significant one and we want to highlight the exciting opportunities (and challenges) ahead for all our young people.

As part of this event we will have an inspirational speaker(s) and will present certificates highlighting achievements across the last three years.

We request that the tear-off slip is returned by 10 May 2019.

Published: 17 April 2019

Listen again to the Spring Concert which was held on Thursday 28 March 2019 on the concerts section of our website.  Previous concerts are also accessible on their individual pages.

Thanks to Rebecca MacKenzie and Dana Harkess for filming the concert.


Published: 05 April 2019

We are considering moving prelims to November/early December and are inviting parents/carers comments.

It would be good if you could read through our rationale before deciding whether you would support this or not.  If you could comment on (a) ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the moving of prelims and ideally comment why you are making your choice and (b) whether you would prefer an October or February Parents’ Evening to hear about your young person’s progress if we did move to a November/December prelim date.

If you wish to comment please do so by via email with ‘S4/5/6 Prelims’ in the subject heading, by Friday 26 April 2019 at very latest. 

Some of our reasons for considering this move are: 

  1. In the current model the length of time available to effectively recourse candidates and be able to complete the required assignments etc. is very tight indeed i.e. post the February break. Similarly the length of time available for candidates continuing with their presentation level (but who have under-performed in the prelim), to ‘turn things around’ is again very tight.
  2. Feedback from pupils in lots of schools is that the Christmas holidays are not an efficient/effective time for revising. Some parents/carers have also fed back that they feel the prelims spoil their Christmas holiday by having to study throughout it.  Also, if they run immediately following the holidays pupils who have questions arising from their studying cannot have these addressed before sitting their prelims.
  3. If we run prelims in November/December we are able to hit the ground running in January in terms of progressing with courses – straight through to Easter. A common concern is that an earlier prelim means the prelim paper itself is less meaningful. In reality the change potentially means a difference of two weeks taught content. Strategies that have been used to counteract this are doubling up on questions so that the paper is the required length and/or issuing additional reading/ work to be completed over the summer holiday so that classes are further ahead in August.
  4. Due to the changes to the post results service, the ‘impact’ of having an earlier prelim is less significant. 
  5. It should create more ‘space’ in the Spring term to avoid a log-jam of pressure and deadlines to complete assignments and coursework.
  6. The senior phase parent consultations (held as Senior Phase i.e. S4-6, two evenings a week apart) can be held in late October, early November to allow staff to highlight progress (or lack of) with the prelims within sight and inform parents as to what is required; or post-prelim in February to discuss final presentation levels and what is required (your views on when you think this would be best would be much appreciated).
  7. A significant number of other schools are now using this model and have reported it as being a positive move.
Published: 05 April 2019

Pupils who are currently studying for SQA examinations will find information available on the SQA's Your Exams 2019 website useful.

Particular reference should be made to the following publications issued to pupils in hard-copy:

SQA Examination arrangements for Senior Pupils during April to June 2019 can be viewed below:

Study Leave: S4-S6 have their last day of school on Wednesday 24 April 2019.

You can build a personal exam timetable directly on the SQA website or download the 2019 SQA Exam Timetable.  The SQA allows schools to change the start times of exams slightly (if necessary), so you should double-check the times of your examinations with your teachers closer to the examination date.

Pupils may also be interested in signing up for the MySQA service which is your direct link with SQA. It lets you view your qualification information, check the personal details the SQA hold for you and if you're sitting exams you can get your results sent by email and text message.

Guidance on Coursework is also provided, including information on how to have your coursework materials returned to you from a previous examination diet.


This news article was first published in June 2018 and has been updated throughout the session as more information has become available for the 2019 examination diet.

Published: 05 April 2019

Although this term has been quite long and many of us were ready for our holidays last week, staff and pupils have dug deep into their reserves of resilience and have continued to show us #whatwecando and #wecandoit.

Pupil D achieved their Bikeability level 2 this week under the excellent supervision of Phil Gilholm in Knox Academy.

Another pupil D had a second successful morning at Edinburgh College and a third pupil D overcame their social anxiety and managed Maths class in Knox this week. read more here ...Newsletter 05.04.19

Published: 05 April 2019

The S2 Battle of the Bands took place on 3 April 2019. This was a new initiative from our music staff (Mrs Loughrey and Mrs Martin) .  Each class picked a song they all agreed on and individuals chose an instrument they were comfortable with and wanted to play. Everybody had been practising for a number of weeks prior to the big battle. A wide range of songs were performed, from country to 80's pop. There were various instruments chosen including: Keyboard, Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone, Violin, Vocals, Xylophone and Drums.

  • Dancing Queen - 2G1 
  • Sweet Home Alabama - 2G2 
  • Mamma Mia - 2L1 
  • Take On Me - 2L2 
  • Pompeii - 2L3 
  • September Song - 2T1
  • Five Hundred Miles - 2T2
  • Valerie - 2T3

All the classes put in a lot of effort and were ambitious to achieve the title of the winner of the S2 Battle of the Bands but only one could be crowned winner, and that was 2T3 with the song Valerie. 

Of course everybody was nervous about performing in front of the school community but nobody let their nerves get to them and showed ambition in their fantastic performances. Over all the performers had a sense of achievement and had fun whilst doing it.


"After we had finished performing the nerves died down and I thought to myself...Hey! That was pretty good" - Ailsa Thompson 

Written by 
Mhairi (Elli) Robertson-Rowan and Ailsa Thompson

Published: 03 April 2019

As the new session approaches it is important to remind everyone of our expectations in relation to school uniform. 

Knox Academy is very proud of its tradition of school uniform and the wearing of it helps promote the sense of community within the school, our wider community and create that feeling of ‘belonging’.  Alongside ‘Respect’ and ‘Ambition’, ‘Community’ is one of our school values and it is hoped our young people wear the Knox Academy uniform with pride.

Pupils have been issued with a detailed letter of School Uniform expectations at registration this week.

Published: 02 April 2019

Knox Academy is pleased to invite applications for the following vacancy:

Closing Date: Sunday 7 April 2019

Closing Date: Sunday 14 April 2019

All current and previous vacancies can be viewed within our Recruitment section of our website.