Meadowpark News

We aspire to provide all our learners with access to the highest quality of learning and teaching alongside a mix of evidence based Autism specific approaches in order to maximise their success and encourage achievement in its broadest sense.

Our aim is to help all our pupils be the best they can be as:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors

Meadowpark News

Published: Fri 30 Oct 2020

I leave today after five years leading Meadowpark as Depute Head Teacher.  Meadowpark has not only grown in pupil numbers during my tenure, from three to twenty eight, but with involvement from a wide range of professionals and community teams, Meadowpark has increased its range of facilities. These include Art Therapy and a wide range of outdoor activities e.g. creation of a sensory garden, Loose Parts Play, cycling and kayaking, life skills programmes, work experience and volunteering. We have continuously investigated all ways to enhance curriculum links so that more young people attend a variety of subject classes at Knox here 30.10.2002

Published: Fri 16 Oct 2020

I am proud to echo the words of Lesley Brown, Head of Education and Sue Cook, Head Teacher at Knox Academy in recognising the huge effort made by young people, families and staff to ensure that Meadowpark pupils are safe, achieving, respectful and active. While there is no denying that everyone is exhausted, staff and pupils manage to garner themselves each day to show that by cooperating, communicating and consolidating collective efforts, we have very good attendance overall and pupils are making progress. Read more here ...16.10.2020

Published: Fri 9 Oct 2020

For the past 20 minutes I’ve been aware of a gentle happy humming drifting through my open window on a warm October breeze. Intrigued as to the source of this musical melody I popped outside to see one of our pupils outside painting model witches he had created, totally engrossed in the activity but also content to welcome my small interruption. I reflected that in spite of lockdown and therefore an ‘incomplete’ transition here was a young person completely at ease in Meadowpark surroundings feeling safe, supported and creative. No anxiety no stress but an inner calm and contentment. Read more here ...Newsletter 09.10.2020

Published: Fri 2 Oct 2020

A mixed weather bag this week but I am delighted to report that it has not hampered the determined ELC groundsmen who have outdone themselves by preparing the ground for our sensory garden. Although planting is still to take place looks amazing. This project has been 5 years in the making from inception, we have had setbacks and funding issues but I am thrilled that what we have will sustain current and future Meadowpark pupils. I will be donating an apple tree ‘Tree of Knowledge’ which will form the centre piece. Read more here...Newsletter 02.10.2020

Published: Fri 25 Sep 2020

Our long weekend was very much welcomed and with it the warm weather most of us enjoyed. There has been a definitive shift in temperature as the week has progressed however but this has not deterred us from getting out and about as much as possible. As yet we are unable to participate in PE indoors and will be making the most of our generous outdoor space. Today teachers worked collaboratively to devise plans for physical activities: Yoga, Circuits and a Sensory Activity Story. Read more here...25.09.2020