Meadowpark News

We aspire to provide all our learners with access to the highest quality of learning and teaching alongside a mix of evidence based Autism specific approaches in order to maximise their success and encourage achievement in its broadest sense.

Our aim is to help all our pupils be the best they can be as:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors

Meadowpark News

Published: Mon 18 May 2020

The quality and variety of activities being posted by Meadowpark teachers is inspiring and reflects the climate of learning just now, with Health and Wellbeing very much at the heart of all we do. Meadowpark pupils were due to be involved in Activities Week had we been in school, but as an alternative we had virtual trips to:

Read more here...Newsletter 18.05.2020

Published: Fri 8 May 2020

Staff and pupils continue to use the Google Classroom platform to engage with classwork and with each other and the frequency and quality of engagement has increased as the weeks go by. This week has been particularly difficult with a short week sandwiched between two long weekends, but this has not created a barrier to learning and interaction.

During the course of our staff meeting we all agreed that, moving forward, there is much that can be learned from our enforced learning curve of all things G-Suite and the long term benefits that this will have on pupils who might need to work alone for short periods, and who can engage more effectively with mainstream subjects in Knox Academy. more here...08.05.2020

Published: Fri 1 May 2020

I am delighted to report that 83% of pupils are actively engaging with Google Classroom – some more frequently than others but what is reassuring is that it allows teachers to perform a remote ‘wellbeing scan’. The introduction of weekly Class Meets is proving to be a focal point for seeing each other and sharing some of the best – and trickier parts of the week. Of those remaining 7% who are struggling to engage with Google Classroom all pupils are engaging with some form of learning and there has been contact with or about all pupils since Easter holidays. Read more here...Newsletter 01.05.2020

Published: Fri 24 Apr 2020

Some mindful drawing... Give it a try

Published: Fri 24 Apr 2020

Pupils and staff have made a huge effort to re-engage with being virtually back at school this week, and much as we have missed having pupils in the building I am delighted that the momentum and motivation continues.

Pupils are working at so many levels and it appears that there are a number of parents and staff who are enjoying some of the activities that are being suggested, especially outdoor learning and some science experiments. Read more here...24.04.2020