S1/S2 Core

S1 Physical Education

In S1 the Physical Education curriculum provides pupils' with the opportunity to experience a variety of physical activities. We provide pupils with a positive environment where they can achieve success and develop confidence.


Through participation, the S1 course provides pupils with a well balanced physical education that will enable pupils to:

  • develop the basic skills that are common to a variety of activities
  • participate at varying levels in the activities taught.
  • know and understand the relevant rules of the activities taught
  • demonstrate a knowledge of appropriate facilities and equipment required for participating safely in the activities.
  • show knowledge of the effects of exercise.
  • display an awareness of basic personal hygiene.
  • Work collaboratively in small groups to create a sequence in response to a stimulus
  • Develop confidence in water based activities
  • Reflect on their performance with the help of parents/carers through the use of the S1 Diary


The course in S1/2 is entirely practical.

Activities include:









Scottish Country Dance                

Tag Rugby











S1 pupils will take part in a variety of activities where they will be exposed to discreet activities such as hockey, rugby etc, but will also be taught generic skills, evasive running, dribbling etc, that can be applied across a number of activities. Through participation, pupils will be given the opportunity to; develop self-confidence, refine practical performance skills and extend their knowledge in the subject.  Pupils will be encouraged to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and work to improve their individual and group performance through the use of the PE Pupil Diary.


S1 Diary Final


S2 Physical Education

In S2 the Physical Education curriculum aims to extend pupils' experience and consolidate the knowledge they have gained in S1. Pupils' are given more responsibility allowing them to be more effective in their decision making.  

The S2 Physical Education course continues to develop practical and performance skills in a range of activities whilst also exposing pupils to a variety of roles associated with sport, such as a coach, referee etc. Thecourse builds on the experiences and outcomes of the Health and Wellbeing curriculum areaas well as contributing to the learner’s wider achievement by developing skills in numeracy, literacy, decision making and problem solving.  The S2 course also focuses on the personal development of learners by providing opportunities for them to acquire skills and qualities required for independent living. Examples of these personal qualities include:


  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Responsibility.

S2 Diary Final