Parents are asked to notify the school if their son/daughter has any special medical condition or requirement and give the school the name of their General Practitioner.  

We also ask for an emergency contact in addition to the parent in case a child becomes sick in school.  The school has a Medical Auxiliary but no one is allowed to administer any medication without the prior written consent of the parent.

Pupils becoming unwell in school:

If a pupil becomes unwell in school he/she should tell a teacher who would notify the school office who will contact the Medical Auxiliary.  If a pupil needs to be sent home, the parent or other identified person will always be contacted first.  Usually the parent is asked to collect the child from school.   In serious cases the school will contact the General Practitioner or the ambulance service.  Every effort will be made to simultaneously contact the parent/guardian so that they can accompany the child to the surgery or hospital.

The School Health Service: 

Throughout your child’s years at primary and secondary school, a team of specialist Health Service and Education Department Staff will be seeing him or her from time to time to make sure that he/she benefits as much as possible from all that school has to offer, and to help prepare him or her for life after leaving school.  The School Health Service is part of the Community Child Health Service and has direct links with those who carry out health checks on children before they start school.

Many different services are provided. The School Health Team takes the issue of maintaining confidentiality seriously at all times.  The staff involved make every effort to work closely with parents and with others who are caring for your child, both at school and other branches of the Health Service.


Administration of Medical Procedures

All members of staff who have agreed to be trained in the administration of specific drugs to pupils suffering from all epileptic seizure or a severe allergic reaction and who are required to apply specific drugs to those pupils will be covered by East Lothian Council’s Public Liability Policy.