Standards and Quality Report

Knox Academy published it's Standards and Quality Report (PDF Download) in June 2016. 


Knox Academy is a coeducational comprehensive school in East Lothian.  At present there are 760 pupils on the roll but the school has capacity for over 900 pupils at the moment.  The roll has dropped steadily over the past five years but is predicted to increase in the next four years to the extent that an extension to the building will be needed.  The school also comprises of a Communications Provision (Meadowpark) in a separate building that is five minutes’ walk from the main building.

Pupils at Knox Academy mainly come from the associated primary schools: King’s Meadow, St Mary’s and Yester.  Each year there are a number of placing requests that are granted depending upon the roll cap and the capacity in each year group for non-catchment pupils. 

The school’s values are Wisdom, Engagement and Respect, and these underpin our vision to make Knox Academy a school where everyone thrives.  The aims of the school are to ensure that our young people will:

  • Have a strong sense of who they are, where their strengths lie, and their role in a community.
  • Realise that they have potential and how to go about realising it.
  • Have been challenged and know how to go about meeting challenges in the future.
  • Have been happy, having experienced positive relationships and will know how to form positive relationships with others.
  • Have the qualifications and skills to move on to the next phase in their lives.

The school’s vision, values and aims have evolved over the years to reflect the community of which it is a part.  As a learning community, Haddington Cluster, is in the process of developing a holistic set of vision, values and aims that can incorporate the individual identity of each school within the learning “whole”.

The school is very diverse and truly comprehensive – the SIMD range from 3 to 10.  In session 2014-15 62.58% of leavers went into higher or further education, with 29.04% going into training, employment or volunteering. In total 91.61% of pupils went into a sustained positive destination from that leavers’ cohort, which is consistent with previous years. 

Exam results have shown an upward trend over the past five years.  At, Knox Academy, our aim is that all pupils leave with 5 qualifications from their S4 year, and this session 58.06% of pupils in S4 achieved five or more National Five qualifications.

The priorities for session 2016-17 remain:

  • Continue to Raise attainment in line with the National Improvement Framework Priorities.
  • Ensure that Learning and Teaching would be rated as “very good”.
  • Develop people, and partnerships between parents, pupils and staff.
  • Continue to develop strategies to ensure that young people are prepared for the world of work.


The following areas are included in the document:

  • How good is our leadership approach to improvement?
  • How good is the quality of the care and provision that we offer?
  • How good are we at ensuring the best possible outcomes for all our learners?
  • What is our capacity for continued improvement?