S5/6 National 5

Welcome to National 5 Maths!



The course planner is a week-by-week overview of S56 National 5 Maths and includes:

  • An outline of the Course;
  • Link to your Home Learning Tasks; and
  • Calendar of Curriculum Quizzes and other Assessments.


National 5 Checklist 

Revision Portfolios - useful for topic-specific practice and self-assessing 

Exam Questions by Topic

SQA Exam Question Bank

Knox Academy's Past Exam Paper website

SQA Past Paper Video Solutions 1

SQA Past Paper Video Solutions 2 - includes Intermediate 2 and Credit Levels which you can still use!

Unofficial Practice Papers

More Practice Papers - these are 'booster' papers, starting off at roughly "C" difficulty and gradually increase in challenge up to exam standard.

Leckie & Leckie Textbook - Answers available here