School Info

Knox Academy, Haddington, is the descendant of a medieval grammar school and was dedicated to John Knox at the end of the 19th century.

It is a non-denominational and co-educational school whose roll is 796 (February 2021).

S1 158
S2 150
S3 141
S4 146
S5 108
S6 93

Knox Academy has an extensive campus and had a major refurbishment and rebuild in 2005. This provided a combination of new and remodelled facilities. These facilities are accessible to all pupils. New features included a Drama room and Seminar rooms as well as social areas for the pupils. All classrooms and the Library are connected to the Internet and Intranet.

The school has extensive playing fields and new sports facilities featuring a full-size Games Hall and Gymnasium.


The cluster primary schools are Haddington Primary School, St Mary's Primary School, Letham Mains Primary School in Haddington and Yester Primary School in Gifford.  A number of pupils from outwith catchment transfer to Knox Academy each session, details on how to apply can be found in the enrollment section of the website.