Activities Week

Knox Academy has a long tradition of offering a suspended timetable programme to S1, S2 & S3 pupils.  This has always taken place in May, just before the new timetable begins.  This experience is an important part of the education of all of the pupils involved.  It is a curriculum enrichment programme, whereby pupils gain life skills through various activities/packages/residential trips that are on offer.  Whatever pupils choose to participate in during this week, the main outcome and focus is to develop important employability skills such as team work, confidence, communication, leadership, stress management and problem solving.

The format for Activities Week 2019 has changed dramatically from what the school has previously offered.  The main change is the time we are using for suspended timetable.  Unless pupils are away on a residential trip then the actual time for ‘Activities Week’ will be;

  • Wednesday 15th May 2019
  • Thursday 16th May 2019
  • Friday 17th May 2019

We have also moved from residential trips being offered to both S2 and S3 year groups and instead to S3 only.  So the format is as follows;

  • S1 – day trips
  • S2 – In-school programme
  • S3 – Residential Trips

Residential Trips

  • S3 - PGL (South of France)
  • S3 - Paris

All residential trips are well underway and pupils participating in these trips should have all information from the trip leaders.  Any further information about these trips please contact the school.

Home-Based Package

S1 follow a series of day trips including Edinburgh Castle, Blair Drummond Safari and Foxlake.  Please note, there is a cost implication for these day trips.  The parental letter is available to view.

S2 can opt in to a 3 day package of their choice - examples of these are Sailing, Drama Club, Build a Band, Art Attack, Masterchef.  Please note, some of these packages will have a cost implication.  The package booklet is available to view.


S3 not involved in a residential trip can either choose to engage with one of the packages offered in the first instance to S2 or there will be a timetabled project for them to follow. The package booklet is available to view.


Useful Information

In School Timetables for pupils not wishing to attend day trips or packages can be viewed through clicking on the links below.  Pupils can check notice boards in the Food Court to see what group they are in. 

S1 Day Trips information regarding what to bring, what to wear and what we are doing can be found here. s1_day_trips_info.pdf

Registration Rooms will be slightly different during our activity days for some classes. Please refer to this document to find out where you need to go.registration_rooms.pdf