Cost of the School Day

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Financial Costs

The purpose of Cost of the School Day Information Leaflet is to provide parents/carers with information on the anticipated additional costs during their young person’s time at Knox Academy. However, please be aware that the items below are all seen as additional to the curriculum, and there is no charge for anything that is determined to be essential to a learner’s progress or ability to gain a qualification.

Inclusion Fund

Since 2019 Knox Academy has had an Inclusion Fund in order to ensure that finances are not a barrier to any young person’s education and the opportunities it provides.

The letter launching the Inclusion (Equity) Fund was issued to our community in January 2019.

The Inclusion fund will aim to make the following more financially viable for pupils & parents/carers:

  1. Extra-curricular activities costs
  2. Activities Week day trips
  3. Activities Week residential trips
  4. Additional dress code costs

However, we welcome request for support with anything that parents/carers deem to be important in the support of a young person accessing their education in full.

If you would like to apply for support please complete our Inclusion Fund Form.

Please also look below for further support from Knox Academy’s Essentials Hub.

Easy Fundraising  

As part of our efforts to bolster the Inclusion Fund we use Easy Fundraising, this is a donation made to the school from a variety of different companies thanks to the fact you shop with them. 

We receive a cheque quarterly in the post with the fund thanks to anyone who has signed up to support us through Easy Fundraising. All you need to do is sign up using the links below. 

For further information: 

Any support you could give via the use of Easy Fundraising would be hugely appreciated. 

The Essentials Hub

At Knox Academy we take the support of our young people and their families very seriously, that is why we have taken the decision to set up the Knox Academy Essentials Hub.

This hub will provide families access to items such as school uniform, sports wear, revision books, leavers dance outfits, breakfast food and personal hygiene products at no cost. 

If you would like to apply to be supported by our Essentials Hub Request Form, all relevant details are contained within the form.

If you would be happy to donate any items to the Essentials Hub that would be hugely appreciated.

The full list of items can be viewed in our Essentials Hub Poster

Any items can be given to the office, Ms McBride or Ms Laudi. 


Breakfast Club

Breakfast is a very important start to the day - it sets you up to be ready for learning and energizes you to participate in your classes. 

Therefore, in January 2024, Knox Academy started a Breakfast Club, where food will be provided for anyone who would like it. Accessing the breakfast club is free and it is open to all students.

The Breakfast club will run from 8:00am - 8:20am in Ms Shepherd's HE classroom on Mondays and Thursdays.


Lammermuir Larder

Knox Academy work in close partnership with Lammermuir Larder.

Their Advocay Worker can support families with a range of things, such as, checking benefits (financial maximisation), fuel (utility) bills, sign post to budgeting/debt advice, family support etc.

You can contact them directly using the details below or you we can make a referral for you, simply speak to your young person’s Pupil Support Leader.