Achievement Ties and Diligence Awards

Achievement Ties

The achievement ties are designed to recognise the hard work and endeavour of pupils who have excelled in a particular area, and that deserves to be recognised at a whole school level.

Through consultation with various groups (including the Pupil Council, Pupil Leadership and Pupil Learning Team and a short life working group) we agreed an achievement tie that would be awarded for a high level of commitment and endeavour in an activity for a year, or for a significant achievement e.g. winning a National Award such as a poetry competition.

Please use the online form for nominating someone for an achievement tie alternatively submit a copy of the Nomination Form to the School Office

Full information is available in our House and Achievement Ties document. 

Diligence Awards

Feedback from our pupils also highlighted that ‘merit’ awards were not working at the school as a motivational system.  Through discussion, and as part of our links with reviewing recognition of achievement, we wanted to devise a system that recognised pupils who come and work diligently on a day to day basis.  To this end we will be launching a new system from August 2019 onwards. Once a term (August-December) and (January-March) we will be asking staff to nominate pupils in their subject who have worked diligently throughout the term. These will then be collated and a certificate produced that will be presented to pupils showing all their nominations. This gives recognition and reward to all pupils working hard across the term and aims to encourage them to get as many subject areas highlighting their diligence as possible (16 subjects possible in S1). 

Over the two terms, their subject nominations will be collated and those with significant multiple mentions will receive an award on the Evening of Celebration at the end of the year.

The nominations pupils receive for their subjects will also contribute to House points; so the more nominations pupils get the more points they contribute towards their House.  Overall House points will also be made up from points scored in other activities across the year.   This links in with the school’s values of ambition and community.

Information around achievement ties and diligence awards can be found with the document "The Criteria for Achievement Ties".