Anti-Bullying Policy - Respect for All

East Lothian Council is committed to creating and sustaining a safe, positive and inclusive environment where respect is shown to and is given by all of its children, young people, staff and parents/carers.  Positive relationships are central to developing and maintaining inclusive environments.

Every child and young person in East Lothian has the right to grow up free from bullying behaviour and prejudice-based bullying and experience a learning environment which welcomes diversity and nurtures respect for all.  East Lothian Council is therefore committed to protecting children and young people from all forms of bullying.

This commitment is consistent with the policy of the Scottish Government and is supported by the work of RespectMe, Scotland’s national anti-bullying service. The context of this policy in relation to other national and local policies can be found in Appendix 1.

Updated 22/05/2024