Equality and Diversity Policy

This Equality and Diversity Policy will form a framework for action.  It will provide us with the tools to ensure that we live our values and achieve our vision, and is built upon the Knox Academy Inclusion Statement. 
This statement was created following consultation with the school community and beyond over session 2018/2019.   
The policy covers the two strands of diversity and equality promotion:

  • The relationship between our pupils and the institution of Knox Academy, including all staff
  • The relationships between pupils

This policy will be deemed successful when it becomes an integral part of all we do to create a truly inclusive ethos and environment.  This will be evident through:

  • Learning and teaching
  • The curriculum
  • The steps we take to address challenges to our values
  • Relationships across the school community
  • The celebration of difference

The full text of the Equality and Diversity Policy can be read here.