Leavers' Dance - Alcohol Policy

Following recent discussions with staff and pupils we feel it would be useful to clarify the school’s Alcohol Policy in connection with the S6 Leavers’ Dance.  In the spirit of ensuring everyone involved has an enjoyable evening we plan to implement the following:

1. A member of senior management and the S6 Leavers Dance staff organisers will be present at the bus on the night of the event. Anyone deemed to be intoxicated, and therefore unfit to travel, will be prohibited from boarding the bus and attending the event. The parent/carer will be responsible for collecting them. In such circumstances parents should be aware that no refund will be available.  Please can we ask that you ensure that your child’s emergency contact details are up to date should we need to contact you on the night.

2. The staff organisers of the S6 Leavers’ Dance will accompany pupils on the bus from Knox Academy to the venue. No alcohol is allowed to be brought on to or consumed on the bus. Any pupils found with alcohol will have it removed and disposed of and parents/carers will be contacted.

3. Pupil’s bags may be subject to a search by Knox Academy and/or the venue staff. Pupils should be prepared to prove they do not have any concealed alcohol on them. As per the venue’s policy, pupils found to have concealed alcohol on them will have it removed and no refund for the event will be given. Again, a parent/carer will be responsible for collecting their child.

4.  As this is a school event, alcohol will not be provided to pupils through the event booking, i.e. on the table or as a welcome drink. If pupils are over 18 they must provide ID at the bar to purchase alcohol and their decision will be final.

5. In order to ensure pupil safety, eliminate underage drinking and secure the success of the event, how much alcohol pupils over 18 are served is at the discretion of the venue as would be the case for any individual over 18 attending any event where alcohol is being served.

We hope that we can count on your support, for which we believe strikes a balance for all those attending, to ensure a happy and memorable occasion for all. Please be aware the bus will not bring pupils back to Haddington. To that end, parents/carers should ensure they are available to collect pupils or have organised someone else to take on this responsibility if they are unable to so all pupils arrive home safely.