Managing Distressed and Challenging Behaviour

East Lothian Council is committed to providing the best education service in Scotland through a relentless focus on inclusion, achievement, ambition and progress for all. We are committed to creating and sustaining a safe, positive and inclusive environment where respect is shown to and is given by all its children, young people, staff and parents and carers.

Managing Distressed and Challenging Behaviour Policy - Nov 2018 will support our school communities to keep learners included, engaged and involved in their education and will improve outcomes for all East Lothian children and young people by; 

Supporting schools to focus on developing positive relationships and a whole school ethos where children and young people feel included, respected, safe and secure; 

Supporting staff to deploy effective strategies which support pupils who may be exhibiting distressed or challenging behaviour; 

Clarifying the position for all staff working in schools regarding the use of approved strategies for managing challenging or distressed behaviour.