Mobile Phone

In 2013 a revised mobile phone policy (code of conduct) was introduced.  This includes all smart devices (including but not limited to iPods etc).

Code of Conduct:

In recognition of the growing range, sophistication and number of these devices owned by pupils the following code of conduct currently applies. It aims to encourage responsible use.

  • Pupils bring these devices to school at their own risk.
  • Phones should not be used in class unless under direction from the class teacher.
  • Phones should not be connected to any school IT equipment.
  • Phones should not be used whilst walking along corridors and up/down stairs. (SAFETY ISSUE)


  • Any use of phones in school (and in general!) should be WISE and RESPECTFUL.
  • Do not send unpleasant or inappropriate content.
  • Do not take images of others without their consent.

Failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in phones being retained in the school office. Parents/carers or others may become involved if the misuse is more serious.