Pupil Leadership

Pupil Voice and Leadership is an important part of day to day school activities and the school Community. The three main groups are The Pupil Leadership Team, The Pupil Council and the Prefects. Each group has a different role which is described below.

Pupil Leadership Team

The Pupil Leadership Team is a group of S6s who have gone through an election process to become your head and depute head pupils. They have many responsibilities around the school, including being a voice for pupils. At the start of the year they each created a manifesto and work to fulfill their policies. They also listen to pupils and try to improve the school through suggestions and issues brought to them. They often represent Knox Academy out in the community.

Head Pupils

Lauren Clark - ka17lclark@edubuzz.org

Oscar Pirie - ka17opirie@edubuzz.org

Depute Head Pupils

Hannah Pathirana - ka17hpathirana@edubuzz.org

Kirsty Dee - ka17kdee@edubuzz.org

Olivia Dale - ka17odale@edubuzz.org

Pupil Council

The Pupil Council is a group of pupils who are elected by their peers. They are there to represent their year group and share any ideas or concerns they may have. They frequently have meetings with the pupil leadership team to ensure that all voices are heard. The pupil leadership team follows up on everything that’s discussed and tries to act on it. If you have any concerns you can speak to your representative in person or via their email below.


S1 - Robyn Young - ka21ryoung@edubuzz.org

S2 - Kristen Dick - ka20kdick@edubuzz.org

S3 - Matthew Davidson - ka19mdavison@edubuzz.org

S4 - Indie Phoenix-Hill - ka18iphoenixhill@edubuzz.org

S5 - Brodie Sutherland - ka17bsutherland@edubuzz.org

S6 - Ross Denholm - ka16rdenholm1@edubuzz.org



S1 - Aoife Swan-Ashe - ka21aswanashe@edubuzz.org

S2 - Jordan Smart - ka20ssmart@edubuzz.org

S3 - Lucy Darling - ka19ldarling@edubuzz.org

S4 - N/A (Speak to a head pupil to apply)

S5 - Jacob Hippe - ka17jhippe@edubuzz.org

S6 - Kathryn Craig - ka16kcraig@edubuzz.org



S1 - Chloe Giles and David Hunter - ka21cgiles@edubuzz.org and ka21dhunter@edubuzz.org

S2 - Sophie Davidson - ka20sdavidson@edubuzz.org

S3 - Sam Palmer - ka19spalmer@edubuzz.org

S4 - Leila Maycock - ka18lmaycock@edubuzz.org

S5 - Ellen Hunter - ka17ehunter@edubuzz.org

S6 - Hamish Allan - ka16hallan@edubuzz.org



When you are in S6 you have the opportunity to apply to be a prefect. They are role models for other pupils, and help out around the school. Prefects are present in the school community, and easy to approach with any problems or ideas.

Hamish Allan
Jennifer Bagley
Bonita Barclay
Lucia Blvar Segurado
Kirsty Booth
Thomas Campbell
Jack Carroll
Kathryn Craig
Iona Cunningham
Ross Denholm
Jessica Goodfellow
Ryan Govan
Anna Grosse
Dana Harkness
Daniel Heald
Daniel Murray
Calum Rettie
Maya Lavender
Heather Mackinnon
Livve Mathews
Euan McInnes
Ewan Mckinlay
Rory Morrison
Euan Murray
Callum Newman
Jenny O'connell
Cameron Pirie
Stuart Prentice
Niamh Robertson
Katelyn Scott
Samuel Ward
Abigail Watson

Pupil Voice News

Published: 24 June 2021

After a very rigorous election process the following candidates will be our new Pupil Leadership Team:

Head Pupils

  • Bethany Ross
  • Kaci Smith

Depute Head Pupils

  • Katie Moore
  • Tom Riddell
  • Amelia Hockey

Published: 23 June 2021

Today (Thursday 24 June 2021) you can vote for Knox Academy's next Head Pupil!

Today it is your chance to vote for YOUR Head Pupil 2021/2022.



Have you read the manifestos? - knox.is/manifestos2021

Have you watched the campaign videos? - knox.is/...

Published: 12 September 2019

Many thanks to everyone who voted in yesterday's Pupil Parliament elections, and particular thanks to the House Captains and Mr Redford's Higher Politics class for running the Polling Station. Many congratulations to the following newly-elected representatives:


  • S1: Ruaridh Morrison 
  • S2: Benjamin Gopo
  • S3: Greg Smith 
  • S4: Katie Moore 
  • S5: tbc


  • S1: AJ Gardiner
  • S2: Cadence Barr
  • S3: Taylor Black
  • S4: Tom Riddle
  • S5: Carrie Evans


  • S1: Alasdair Easton
  • S2: tbc
  • S3: Ellen Hunter
  • S4: Dana Harkess
  • S5: Marilyn Briggs
Published: 23 June 2019

On Tuesday 25 June 2019 we will be holding the elections for Head Pupil/Deputes, House Captains and Members of the School Council.

Voting for Head Pupil and S6 House Captains will be held in the library up until the end of lunch. Follow the Head Pupil Election Campaign on Twitter and read their manifestos.

All other year group will go to the hall to cast their ballots. Classes will be accompanied to the Assembly Hall at the following times:

Period 1

  • S2 - 8:45 am
  • S3 - 9:05 am

Period 2

  • S4 - 9:35 am
  • S5 - 9:55 am


Published: 25 June 2018

Voting for your 2018/19 Pupil Leadership Team will take place today in the library from Period 1 until the end of lunchtime. All staff and pupils are welcome to come along including during break and lunch to cast your vote and have your say on who our Head Pupils and Deputes will be next year. Remember, every vote counts!