School Improvement

At the end of their time at Knox Academy we aim that young people will…

  • Have a strong sense of who they are, where their strengths lie and their role in a community.
  • Realise that they have potential and know how to go about realising it.
  • Have been challenged and know how to go about meeting challenge in the future.
  • Have been happy, having experienced positive relationships and will know how to form positive relationships with others.
  • Have the qualifications and skills to move on to the next phase in their lives.

Meadowpark Improvement Plan adheres to the same key priorities as Knox Academy of Inclusion, Equality and Wellbeing; High Quality Teaching and Learning and Curriculum and is underpinned by An Ethos of Ambition and professional Learning of Staff. Details of Impact and Evidence take into account the needs of the young people who have a placement in Meadowpark.
C. Prime, DHT

The following documents are available to support our improvement framework: