School Uniform

All pupils are expected to comply with the dress code (school uniform) and maintain a high standard of appearance. The support of parents in this regard is appreciated.  

A few years ago our young people and parents/carers were consulted on what they wished the school uniform to comprise.  Through recent discussions with staff, pupils and parents a few tweaks have been made to our uniform from 2019 onwards.

The school uniform in August 2019 will be as follows:

  • White/black shirt
  • Tie (with House stripe on it)
  • Black v-neck or crew neck jumper (plain and only with school logos or no logos)
  • Black trousers/solid black jeans or skirt (no leggings or ripped/blue jeans)
  • Headcoverings – worn for cultural or religious reasons, should be black
  • Black shoes
  • School blazer (for all in S5 & S6 – as has been the case for years)

Each pupil belongs to a House at the school; another way of building community. Therefore, to support the House ethos, new school ties have been designed. These House ties still feature the Knox Academy logo but now have a stripe below this in the House colours the pupil belongs to.   If your young person is in S1-S5 at present and you would like support with replacing the tie, please speak to their Guidance teacher.

In relation to health and safety, hooded tops of any description will not be acceptable dress code (this includes Knox Academy sports hooded tops which should only be worn for sports). Often young people are tempted to wear their hoods up and this compromises everyone’s safety. We need to ensure that everyone’s faces are visible in and around the building at all times se we can keep everyone safe.

Shoes should be all black so as to avoid pointless discussions on those with logos attached and other elements of colour. White shoes, which may be fine for PE, are not part of the school uniform. A skirt should be of an appropriate length for wearing in a school based environment. Trousers should be whole, rather than with designer holes or tears which are not suitable for a working environment.

Our hope is that this presents a more simplified, consistent approach, in that the expectations for all year groups will be the same (with the exception of blazers for S5/6).  With the exceptions of the school tie and blazer, parents/carers will be able to purchase all other items of clothing from whichever outlet they wish, so long as they conform to the expectations.  Ties are available from Border Embroideries and, in smaller quantities, from the school office.  For the purchase of school blazers, we arrange a date in school for fittings and then blazers can be purchased through Border Embroideries.  Financial support in buying school uniform is available from East Lothian Council. We will also be starting a ‘Dress Code Donation Drop’ at Parents’ Evenings in order to recycle outgrown dress code.  For a small donation, these garments will be upcycled for use by other families/pupils at these evenings


Prefects are expected to wear blazers with the school crest and gold braiding.

School Uniform Supplier: Border Embroideries

Our supplier of School Uniform is Border Embroideries.  All orders should be placed via the Border Embroideries website.

Outside Activities

Pupils involved in such activities are expected to dress in School Uniform.

Health and Safety

Pupils will be requested to remove ties in practical subjects when the wearing of them might breach Health and Safety regulations e.g. during a science experiment.

To participate fully in PE and sport pupils need gym shoes, shorts, t-shirts and football/ rugby/hockey boots if possible.

Assistance with Provision of Clothing and Footwear

The Council operates a scheme of provision to ensure that a pupil is sufficiently and suitably clad, to take full advantage of the education provided.  Families in receipt of Income based Job Seekers’ Allowance or Income Support will qualify for such a scheme.  Other cases may be considered in the case of exceptional personal circumstances.  Parents who wish to apply for the scheme should complete an application form, which is available from the Department of Education & Children’s Services, Pupil Support, John Muir House, Haddington, EH41 3HA.


Pupils are asked to hand money and/or valuables to PE Staff during PE.  At other times, they should hand their valuables to the school office for safekeeping, however the school cannot guarantee total security.