11 November 2016

On Tuesday, Ms McPhee, Amy Mackinnon and Ruby Smith took part in the Lessons from Auschwitz Project. Ms McPhee wrote, “all three of us reacted to the trip in our own very different way but we all took so much from the experience. It was a very long, tiring and emotional day but it was also a day filled with hope. The girls were a credit to Knox, engaging fully in all activities and discussions.” On Sunday they will be attending the follow up seminar in Edinburgh where they will be looking at how they can now engage with the school/local community to share their learning. I believe the girls are hoping to organise an assembly in the New Year, which I am eager to hear.

Knox continues to be the organiser of the Poppy Scotland Appeal for Haddington. Thanks to all the pupils who have taken time to volunteer, taking poppies to various locations in the town and helping to sell them in Tesco. Two of our youngsters, in particular have been keen to give of their time: Angus Langlands and Leo Washington-Mackay (both in S3). The member of staff that accompanied them as they volunteered at Tesco said that they were a credit to the school, raising over £60 in the hour that they were there.

On Thursday over twenty of our seniors visited the National Museums of Scotland to participate in a Molecular Biology workshop. If the pictures posted to Twitter were anything to go by, they had a marvellous time and got to grips with some pretty fantastic machinery. Also on Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a fundraising evening at Colstoun House for the six of the school’s young entrepreneurs. The pupils are working with “Lead a Bright Future” to start their own businesses. The businesses vary from up-cycling, to selling, to providing services, all with the aims of gaining business experience and putting something back into the community. The groups are known as “Team Ignite” – so keep an eye out for them.

As you will know by now, the school is to be inspected during the week of the 28th November. Every parent should have received a letter about the inspection, and 250 parents should have received a survey form. If you did, could you please ensure that it is returned so that it arrives with the inspectors on, or before, Friday 18th November. 250 pupils should also be receiving questionnaires to complete, but this will be done during lesson time. Following the receipt of your responses the inspectors will then invite parents and carers to join them to discuss the school and any issues that arise. The inspectors will arrive in the school on the afternoon of the 28th November and will be in and around the school for the week. This is a real opportunity for the school to get an outside eye on what we do and help us formulate the best plans going forward. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

Have a great week.

S Ingham