13 November 2015

Congratulations to our hockey players who have been doing well over the last week or so. Last Saturday the S1, 2 and 3 pupils all won against Firhill and the seniors played hard, dominating the second half of their match.

This week the seniors have been working hard, getting UCAS statements finished, alongside the usual effort in classes. Two senior classes (History and Economics) were out to conferences that have been organised for pupils, covering topics that will help at exam time. The Historians seemed to have a particularly profitable day, as Ms McPhee writes: “As always, our pupils did themselves proud. They were a delight to spend the morning with and they were engaged in the lectures taking lots of valuable (I hope!) notes. They were given lots of historiography which is the distinguishing factor in the jump up to Advanced Higher level so it will be especially useful for their level of study. Bill Glennie gave a great lecture, and because he is such an experienced teacher he really knew how to grab the pupils’ attention and also as an Advanced Higher marker what to emphasise. He has offered to come in to speak to our pupils about their specific dissertation titles to ensure they are covering them effectively and give them advice on recent research. Fiona Watson gave a great lecture about William Wallace, which covered some really new ground so we got the most up to date information and dispelled a lot of what we thought we knew.” It sounds like a resounding success and thanks to Ms McPhee for organising it.

This morning the S6 are doing their bit for Children In Need and helping out at St Mary’s Church. So if you’ve seen young people dressed up and wandering about Haddington, you now know what that was all about. It’s great that the pupils are doing their bit to support children across the UK.

I’m wary of talking about Christmas when we’re only mid-November, but it’s the time of year when I give everyone the head’s up about the Christmas Dance. It’s being held on the evening of the 10th December. Any pupil wishing to buy a ticket must be above -15 points by the end of school on the 27th November. I will be reminding pupils of this over the coming weeks, but it might be worth parents reminding them, too. Can I also direct you to the “rules” for dances that are on this website and can be found by following this link: http://knox.is/dancing1

Have a good week.

S Ingham